Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I am not going to talk politics

The phone calls have started. In the past week, we have received a few "surveys" from certain political groups. Like this one:

"If the election were today," the woman on the other end of the phone asked me Saturday afternoon, "who would you vote for?"

"McCain." Yes, I am a registered Republican. Yes, I think some of Obama's ideas are whacked out. No, I would not like to debate you as I believe you have your own opinions, great, please vote for your favorite, and I have my own opinions which I will use when I vote in November. I am not going to change your mind, and you are not going to change mine, so what's the point in debating? I respect the fact that everyone has a different opinion and a varying ideas on who should be our next president.

On with the rest of the phone call.

"What's the likelihood that you will change your mind and vote for Obama?" the caller asked.

"Um, none? Some? Who knows?" I answer. Because honestly, between now and then, anything could happen.

North Carolina seems to be in the hot seat as a state that could go either way. We have ads that are running on TV who are funded by someone or some group in DC, and no ones knows who exactly. They are trying to make the gubernatorial race important so that if voters come out for that vote, it may affect the results of the presidential race.

It's going to be fun between now and November.

And Ray and I had our own survey last night. We were reluctantly watching "Celebrity Family Feud" and one of the last questions was "name a body part that bends."

I said elbow (which was the number one answer by the way, obviously I think like the rest of America).

Ray argued that was dumb, that it is your arm that bends, not your elbow.

What say you? Your arm? Your elbow? Another body part altogether?


Our Moments said...

I have not gotten one of those phone calls... interesting.

You and Ray and me and my hubby? Not gonna talking politics... :)

I saw that episode of Celebrity Family Fued a few weeks ago and I said knee.

Terri said...

HUMMM...I have not gotten that phone call yet...However, I don't do well with telemarketers. I Usually just hang up the phone.

Pam said...

I hate those phone calls- it only makes me annoyed and then even more so don't want to vote for that party.

Sabrina said...

I hang up. Don't have time to talk to people after spending 8 hours talking to people at work.

No offense to like America, but can November get here already? I'm so politicked out.

Cheryl Lage said...

Hee hee! I LOVE those phone calls!
We live in Virginia (another could go either way state), and like you I am unafraid to give 'em an earful! Glad to have found a sympatico bolg (and politically minded) spirit!

Will definitely be back! :)

common mom said...

Dude - your ELBOW totally bends - sheesh . . . men ;-)

I've been screening those calls for-EVER . . . I always vote . . . but I'm already so sick and tired of all this political crap. Bluck.

CPA Mom said...

luckily, our friendship is not based on politics!

it's your elbow Ray. The hinge is IN YOUR ELBOW, not your arm.

ktjrdn said...

Fortunately, we live in a fixed state. There's no hope of swaying the vote. So we don't get ANY phone calls.

Unfortunately, it's a democratic state. my vote doesn't ever count.

I'm thinking your arm bending would hurt. Just point out to him all the "on bended knee" phrases, and he'll see the error of his ways. The knee and th elbow are bendy. Not the leg and arm

giants fan said...

I think that the fact that "elbow" was the number one answer, says who is right and who is wrong. :)

bestfamily said...

Politics no. Elbow/arm...technically you are both right. The arm bends at the elbow so either way. I watched it last night also. Love that he guessed "nagging" and everyone thought he was going to get it wrong and lo-and-behold it was the #1!

Laura said...

Oh I hate those calls...I simply tell the person will vote however my hubby tells me to...or that I will be flipping a coin on election day or voting for Mickey Mouse!!!

To me - your arm bends at the elbow...the elbow is the joint that makes it bend!!!! Sorry!

SJ said...

I got one of those phone calls the other night and I pretty much told the guy on the other end that it wasn't his business. And then I hung up. I'm nice to telemarketers (or whatever you call them) aren't I?

And I'd say elbow is right.

my4kids said...

We haven't gotten any of those calls here but then I doubt we will. Alaska is not one of those states they really pay much attention to in a presidential election since we only have 2 electoral votes anyway.

Pamela said...

I've started looking at my caller ID. If I don't recognize the number I let it go to the answering device.

Elbow bends. I agree with you