Thursday, August 14, 2008

Snippets from this week...

I saw Mama Mia with neighbors last night, cute movie, although Pierce Brosnan should never, ever, EVER sing.

Ashley has an early release today and Ray is taking her when she gets home to buy a new van. What are we going to get? I voted for the Odyssey, but Ray is going with which ever one gives him the better deal. He is so stubborn sometimes.

Audrey has decided she needs to fall asleep in our bed every night because the past two nights I have come up to bed to find the little one asleep there. We put her to bed in her room, and at some point she sneaks out to our room.

Tuesday Ashley came home from school and slept for over an hour. Exhaustion catches up to her every few days.

No, Ashley has not lost her tooth yet. She was told that if she loses it as school, she gets to wear a necklace to put her tooth in. I think that is what she is hoping for.

We are finally making it to the beach this weekend for the first time all summer. Normally we make the trip once a month, but with school and other various things, this is the first time we are going. I am in need of some sun and sand.


Julie said...

Toyota was offering awesome financing deals when we bought. I think a lot of the auto guys are doing that now to move vans and SUVs. I'm hoping you get what you want!

Do you have a Costco near you? They offer a car buying service - basically no hassle, they show you the invoice and you pay like $200 over it. Done.

Lori said...

hope you enjoy your new van

how's Ashley's behavior now? I hope things have continued to be positive for her

SJ said...

I'm hoping for a Honda! But you know, a new car is a new car!

Have fun at the beach.

Anonymous said...

I need sun and sand, too. If I promise to be in charge of the children so you and Ray can relax, can I come, too?

Let us know what the new wheels are :)