Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great Gift Idea for your friends...

Most of you know that I lead a Daisy Girl Scout Troop. And I am constantly traipsing the internet for good ideas for stuff to do at the troop meetings. I want these girls to remember these meetings for as long as they live (I know, not a small feat, but I like to set the bar high).

Enter in the Double-Daring Book for Girls. I was lucky enough to receive the first book from a good friend of mine. And I loved it. And now I am using the second book to come up with things to do at my troop meetings as well as things to teach my two girls, like the history of April Fool's Day or about the Nobel Prize.

If you want a challenge, check out the book and try any of the games, like organzing a croquet tournament or making a labyrinth. I am telling you, this book is not only for rainy days, but for all days in between. Leave me a comment here if you have this book and have tried any of the things in it. If not, go here to check out the book and to Amazon to purchase!

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Beckie said...

This book does look interesting! I may have to pick up a copy.

I wish there was a local Daisy group - my daughter would love to get involved. Yes, I know, I could start one - I'm not up for that quite yet.