Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have successfully made it to Wednesday this week

Monday night I did strength training with my friend at the gym which included many squats and this morning Audrey decided to head butt me in the butt, and it hurt. Really bad. I am not sure at this moment if I will be able to get out of my chair.

I did do my 3 mile run last night though, and it wasn't that bad. I needed to go to Walmart for groceries and other items, and I was going to go right after running, but Ray took one look at me all nasty and sweaty and said that I was too gross for even Walmart at 9:00pm on a Tuesday night. So I showered, and then spent way over my $75/week allowance at Walmart, but in my defense, we actually didn't even go to the grocery store last week (used up meals in my freezer of which I have none now and it stresses me out), so I am still ahead. At least that's what I am going to claim. That and I had to buy the Hannah Montana movie, Ashley some new underwear, and new tights for ballet for both girls. And yes, I had to buy the movie. It was a necessity. If you don't believe me, just ask Ashley. That and it was only $15. I couldn't pass that up.

Today is our first parent/teacher conference with Ashley's teacher, and I have no idea why I get nervous about these things. I actually volunteered in her class this morning (I teach character traits once a month to the class), and I got to see how close Ashley's desk is to the teacher's desk. As in they touch. Her and another little boy's. Wish us luck.


SJ said...

Good luck! Keven Jr is only on day 2 of 1st grade and well, so far so good....

Jessie said...

I apologize, but I laughed out loud at the head-butting. It's sort of unbelievable the things that happen to you once you're a parent that would seem really strange before. I regularly get clocked in the jaw by Gabbie and don't even bat an eye.

I think we're in trouble when Gabbie starts school because she's so social/such a talker. I dread those teacher conferences, because I know how they went when I was little and she's just like me.