Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Saga Continues....

The Twilight Series Saga that is. I just purchased my ticket to the midnight showing of New Moon on November 19th. A first for me, seeing a movie at midnight. But Robert Pattinson without a shirt? TOTALLY worth it.

On a completely separate topic, I am leaving tomorrow for 4 days with friends in Savannah, Georgia. Ray did the same with the husband of these friends a couple of weekends ago, and now it's the girls' turn.

The difference? Ray just packed and left. Me? I need to make meals, lay out clothes, leave directions to cheerleading, schedule carpools, plan for my Stepdad to come and help out.

I am not saying Ray isn't helpful at home, because he is. Our schedule during the week is a little crazy between Girl Scouts, both girls in dance, cheerleading, and piano lessons. Ray takes Audrey to dance and Ashley to piano every week.

But I can't just pack a bag and leave. I planned for my Stepdad to come since Ashley is still tracked out of school. They will have dinner in the crockpot Thursday night with instructions to order pizza Friday night. I honestly don't care what they eat Saturday night. All their clothes are laid out, cheerleading uniform is clean. Ray is carpooling to the game Ashley cheers at with another neighbor and that neighbor is also driving Ashley to cheer practice on Thursday night. Ashley has a makeup piano lesson on Saturday morning which is on my calendar in google which Ray sees when he sees his calendar, so hopefully he will remember. Ray and I cleaned the house from top to bottom last night (I tackled upstairs since it contains 3 bathrooms and Ray "doesn't do bathrooms") while he swept and mopped the hardwoods downstairs. I refuse to come home on Sunday to a house that needs floors cleaned. I have baked some goodies for the trip, made a trip to Target today for toilet paper and paper towels, and will make a treat for my Stepdad tonight.

I am packed; I actually have been packed since doing laundry on Sunday night. All that's left now is running 8 miles in the morning before I leave for Savannah at 9:00am. I plan on getting up at 6:30am and running a route in our town. Should be interesting. Am I stressed out about running in the morning? Absolutely. I get stressed out every week before I run my long runs and this one is no different. Send positive running vibes my way.


SJ said...

Oh you'll be fine! Why does running stress you out in the morning, I would think it would help clear your head.

Sounds like everything is taken care of at home so go to Savannah and enjoy yourself!

And you better text me a photo of um...well you know what I'm talking about!

Have fun!

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

It is the same in our house - when I leave, I have to prepare everyone else for it! And my husband is really involved and takes equal care of our kids. It is just that I am here like a cruise director sometimes, here to tell him where everything actually IS.

Have fun on your trip!

Happy Working Mom said...

Doesn't it suck being the wife at times like this? No matter how helpful and wonderful our husbands our, it's just different when we leave versus when they leave!

Hope you have a great time!

Pamela said...

On our trip up the Washington coast over labor day, we got the last motel in Forks. I thought about the twilight series as I fell asleep in that tiny town. I hadn't been to Forks in probably 35 years.

I always pack at the last minute. You're much more efficient and organized than I.