Saturday, October 24, 2009

ATT Ten Miler Race Report

My very first 10-mile race. A success? I guess if you consider that I finished it with minimal walking (more on that later). I wanted to finish strong, but as you can see from my splits, that didn't happen either. I was pretty consistent with my pace the first 5 miles, which is good. I didn't start out to fast, no stitches (only a slight one, no big deal), but I think not racing until 9:00am for a long run is different than the 6:00am I am used to do here the past few weeks. I didn't eat breakfast, and throughout the race, I fought off nauseau a few times. I Gu'd about 20 minutes before the start of the race, took a Gu at the turn around at mile 5, and ate 2 Gu chomps along the way as well. That might have been a little too much. I think I might just stick to the Gu chomps during the race. So here are the details:

Mile 1: 10:37
Mile 2: 10:24
Mile 3: 10:31
Mile 4: 10:25
Mile 5: 10:35
Mile 6: 11:08 - I walked a little at the beginning of this mile to take a Gu.
Mile 7: 10:56
Mile 8: 10:27
Mile 9: 11:13 - This is where it got mental, see below
Mile 10: 11:49 - This should have been faster, pathetic really.

So the race was on a trail, and headphones were disallowed. Since I am so used to running my long runs with my friend Wendy, I could have really used some music. I considered bringing my headphones anyway, but some guy before the race was actually checking everyone. So good thing I didn't.

And the race was small, so by mile 5, I was pretty much running by myself. I could see people ahead, but only a few guys passed me from mile 5 to 10 (except this one guy and girl who passed me probably 7 or 8 times - they would sprint, then walk, then sprint, then walk; highly annoying). So yes, I entertained the thought of walking, oh about the entire mile 9. But I didn't! I pushed through.

As soon as the pictures are posted, I might post them. Depends on how disgusting I look.


SJ said...

Congrats Amy! I really want to start training to run a 1/2 marathon or a marathon (eventually). What an accomplishment!

carol said...

I couldn't run ten miles if I was being chased! Good job

Carmen B. said...

What you didn't mention was the horrible humidity! OBX will be different. We will fly like the wind! Let's just hope the seabreezes are not in our faces. Thanks for riding with me! It was fun!

Laura said...

CONGRATS!!! How awesome!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!