Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Race

So we are lucky to have a great trail near our home that I have done some of my long runs on. It is pretty flat and the miles are marked. I knew about a 10 mile race there this coming weekend a few months ago, but I failed to sign up because of one main reason - I was afraid to come in last.

The race is capped at 400 runners split between men and women. So back when I started running, heck ya I would of come in last. When I did my 10 miler a few weekends ago, I did it in 1:46 (give or take). I looked at the results for this race from last year, and the slowest person was over 2:15. So I am pretty sure I can beat that this year.

So the race filled up pretty quickly, and I was sort of relieved, but then again, I like running races. A friend of mine signed up but has since hurt her hip, and gave me her registration (a few emails between the race coordinator and her and I and we were all set).

On Saturday morning, think of me and give me the good vibes to actually finish the race and finish strong. The only other thing I am worried about is that no headphones are allowed. I really need my music sometimes!

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