Thursday, July 01, 2010

Finally an update

Crazy week. Why does everything happen at once?

I ran Monday night at 9:00pm and it was still 90 degrees out (and no Mom, I did not run alone). It was just a big sweat-fest. And I haven't run since even though the weather is actually cooler these past few days (and by cooler I mean 80). But I plan on running at the beach this weekend, my absolute favorite place to run.

Ashley had a swim meet Tuesday night which was rained out and rescheduled for last night. Both nights I couldn't stay to watch; Tuesday night we had friends from Virginia stopping by on their way back from Florida for the night and last night I saw Eclipse.

OMIGOD I want to see it again it was that good. I am still Team Edward.

Ashley is in her final week of camp and according to the school, we will find out her second grade teacher Monday (she starts school next Friday, July 9th) (and no, I have no idea why the hell they are starting school on a Friday). Audrey is in her new Pre-K classroom and loves it. No transition issues or anything. Her teacher actually taught Ashley as well and commented how different Audrey is then Ashley. As in Audrey is so much more quieter than Ashley was.

Ashley is in a Girl Scouts camp this week, and on the way to drop her off this morning, she was singing one of her camp songs which I now have stuck in my head.

I said a Boom Chicka Boom....

Now hopefully I have passed that onto you.


carmen said...

Oh, thanks for that. Now it's stuck in my head.

Hey, I wanted to ask you something but lost your email. Can you email me?

WorkingMom said...

Thanks for that - at least the new Jersey Shore theme the Oldest has been playing nonstop has been driven out of my head for a while!

A Friday?!? During a week that starts with the 4th?!? Yeah, I don't get it.

Pamela said...

(and no Mom, I did not run alone)

haaaaaaaa ha ha ha.
Hi mom -- if you're reading this and laughing, too!