Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I don't even know where to start...

We got back on Sunday and we still have no milk in our fridge (and Ray did a quick grocery story run last night, but somehow beer made it home but neither milk nor diet cokes did...). Bags are not unpacked. And stuff keeps getting added to the schedule every freaking day. This weekend is booked, just saying.


If you notice on the side bar, down below the Hokies banner is a My Blog Cares/Blogs Against Breast Cancer 2010. When you publish the “My Blog Cares” badge on your blog or website, Diets in Review will make a $5 donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Why is this important? Breast Cancer hits 1 in 8 women. And where I used to know someones mom or someones friend who had breast cancer, I now really know someone. My Mom was diagnosed last week with breast cancer, and not to worry, they caught it extremely early.

Get screened early and often. I am only turning 35 this month, but will have my second mammogram this month. Get your annual check up and see what your doctor says.


I ran last night at the gym, 6 sucktacular miles on the dreadmill. The only thing that made them go by quickly was my friend Wendy on the dreadmill next to me talking. Otherwise, I wouldn't have made it. 3 miles tonight in between dance/dinner/cheer/book club, and hopefully I will be back on track.


Kellie said...

Busy, much? ;)

SO sorry about your Mom. My heart sank when I read that part but, lifted a bit when I read the "not worry" part.

Bethany said...

SO glad they caught your mom's early. I hope she is cured quickly.