Thursday, October 21, 2010

One year older...

I realized today that as of my birthday this past Tuesday, I am now in another age bracket in most races. Which of course doesn't really mean anything because I will never, ever place in my age group at any race, but just makes me feel that much older. And yes, I realize I am whining and I am not really old at 35, but some days I feel old. And the gray hairs on my head don't help.

I am on target to run over 100 miles this month, and I hit 500 miles for the year a while back. I still can't shake these last 5 pounds I want to lose though and I am thinking I need to add some cross training. I did the P90X Ab Ripper video the other day and I was so sore the next day it hurt to breath. I might try it again tonight.

I ran at lunch downtown again today and I didn't trip in front of the Krispy Kreme this time. I was amazed at how hilly downtown Raleigh really is.

Ashley has a performance at school tonight for the second graders. They are singing patriotic songs which I find odd. Why not Halloween songs? Before that, I have her parent-teacher conference which is always enlightening. She does well in school, but the teachers always have some funny story about her.

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common mom said...

Yay for you! Big congrat's on the miles . . . I'm lucky if I log 10 miles a month!

I remember the big three-five and having to suddenly check that next box ... it was kinda like when I had to check married instead of single ;-)