Monday, March 31, 2008

It's almost April

Thank goodness March is almost over. With the weather warm one day (it was 80 here on Friday) and then cold the next (yesterday was rainy and 50), I am looking forward to some consistency in the weather.

The next few months we have a full schedule. Just random things like band concerts and festivals, Ray has a trip to San Diego, Ashley finishing up Pre-K and "graduating", a wedding to attend, a block party on our street. I am also hosting a jewelery party at my house this week. A Mom of a kid in Ashley's class designs her own stuff, so I am hosting a party for her. And yes, I will tell her about

We had a good weekend. Since yesterday was rainy, we went to church, but spent the rest of the day inside and at home. Ray was doing some open houses, so I got to hang out with the girls which was nice since I scrapbooked all day on Saturday.

Anyone do anything for kids on April Fool's Day? I have never done anything. My brother one year did have his co-workers relocate his cubicle on April Fool's Day...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Pictures - Weekend in Myrtle

I took a ton of pictures last weekend in Myrtle. Here are just a few of my favorites. Hope everyone has a great Friday...

We are at the playground at Broadway at the Beach. Ashley is about to push Audrey down the slide and Audrey is so delicately telling her sister "NO".She likes slides.

This is by far her favorite part of the beach besides the ocean. The giant swings. And yes, I dared and broke out my camera to get this shot while the ride was going.

This is outside one afternoon at my parent's house. She is so unbelievably in need of a nap... Audrey's new way to swing. These last pictures are from Myrtle Beach State Park, one of our favorite spots in Myrtle. Do you see the leaf in the middle?
The start of her flower collection.On the Pier. It was slightly windy.
One of my all time favorite shots. Love it.

And yes, Ashley's shirt does say "Fabulous". Because she and Audrey are Fabulous.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Control Freak

I am hoping someone will tell me it's really not my fault when I really know it is.

I have a control problem. Take the kids. I want them to eat healthy, drink water, be polite and say please and thank you. But I can't make them say it. I mean I can if I threaten, but I can't control their actions. They have to want to do it.

Unfortunately, Ashley has the same control issues. And when we butt heads, it ain't pretty.

The other night, we had soccer and then went to dinner with friends, and then back home just in time for bed. She had not gone to the bathroom since before soccer practice and at soccer she drank an entire thing of water. I knew she had to go.

But she wouldn't. She kept saying she didn't have to, which I knew she had to, and I tried to tell her to try, she refused. I need to just walk away and let go. I did eventually after convincing her to try at which she sat on the toilet for 2.3 seconds and declared she DID.NOT.HAVE.TO.GO.

The other issue is that I am realizing I do more than I should for my kids, and now I am paying for it. Like soccer night, Ashley wanted her toy from dinner. It was in the van in the garage, but the van doors were open, so she could easily get to it. Normally, I would just get it for her. But I told her to go get it. At which she threw a fit. Eventually she did, and I need to help her do this more. I realize she only does this with me, I get it. And I need to stop it. It was so embarrassing because at dinner with friends, she demanded to know where her drink was. Now, I will say, she doesn't talk like that at home, but the pleases and thank yous are a constant reminder.

Did any of this make any sense? I didn't think so...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

HSM is really an obsessive compulsive disorder

Ashley received High School Musical sheets, bed spread and pillowcases for Easter from Ray's Mom. My Mom got her a High School Musical Easter basket. The child is drowning in HSM stuff.

And Audrey? Continually says "Watch Fabulous" or listen to "High Musical". Quite cute, but really? She's TWO.

Unfortunately, I think Ashley has inherited my obsessive behavior. I latch onto something and get really excited and want to finish it or start it or attend it or do something about it right then and there.

In middle school, I was obsessed with New Kids on the Block. I went to three concerts. I bought magazines upon magazines (or really, convinced my parents to buy them) and kept a sort of scrapbook where I cut out all the pictures of them and kept them.

These days? I am obsessed with scrapbooking. It stresses me out that I am behind on my pages. Luckily on Saturday, I am scrapbooking from 10:00am to 10:00pm with her and her. Good fun.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A few weeks ago, I was sent Town House Flipsides crackers to try from Mom Central. These crackers are different as they are one side crackers, one side pretzels. They are available in original and cheddar flavors.

The appeal is that pretzels are great for taste, but don't hold dips well, and crackers are great for dipping, but sometimes not as tasty as pretzels.

Flipsides combine the two for some great flavor. And great dipping power. And heck, they are really good just eaten alone. I have tried both the original and cheddar flavors, and they are great. I have tried them with dips and cheese, but I am curious as to how they would taste with chocolate. I love pretzels dipped in chocolate, and I am thinking the original flavored Flipsides would do just fine dipped in chocolate.

The original and cheddar flavors both have 70 calories per serving, with 3.5 grams of fat. That's for 5 crackers. I of course could eat the whole box, which would not be good.

If you are looking for something new to have at your next neighborhood gathering, these will work.

Johnson & Johnson

I am sure some of you have read blogs about the Johnson and Johnson Baby camp. I was somehow invitedto attend the camp as well. Unfortunately due to work obligations (it falls next week from April 2-4, and anyone in the accounting field knows month end close is very, very important, especially when we are down one employee to maternity leave and we are trying to go live with a new financial system) I am unable to go. I tried, but it just wasn't happening.

But the people at Johnson and Johnson have been unbelievably understanding and are sending me in the mail all the information they were going to hand out at the camp.

Some of the complaints I have briefly read about through blogs is the fact that kids and babies were not invited. It stated from the beginning that this was an adult only event, meaning no childcare, Moms only. I understood this, I got it. And honestly, two nights without my kids at a nice hotel in New Jersey with 50 other Mommy bloggers? It was going to be blissful.

And no, I am not breastfeeding an infant. I understand not leaving your baby for two nights. But I also understand policies. J&J wanted this to be adult only. I get that, I have worked for large corporations now for over 10 years. You make an exception for one, you make an exception for all.

Bottom line, J&J was willing to fly me from Raleigh to New Jersey and pay for my hotel and meals for two days. I use their products everyday on my kids; lotion, baby wash and shampoo. I wish everyone that is going good luck and I can't wait to read about it.

Monday, March 24, 2008

A bunch of randomness, just like you like it...

Turns out, Ashley also has puking problems just like Audrey. Where Audrey cries so hard she throws up, Ashley eats to many sweets, and gets sick. This has happened twice in the past week (and yes, the second time was on Easter, good fun). She eats too many sweets and her stomach decides it no longer wants the sugar in her stomach. She even got shaky yesterday when trying to throw up. So she is on detox and not allowed anything sugary for a week. After that, we will obviously limit her candy intact.

Myrtle Beach was great. The weather was fabulous, the kids had a great time. We wish my parents had been there, but we did get to see my Stepdad for a few hours on Sunday before we headed home. When we go, we stay at their house. My Mom and Stepdad have an apartment in Arlington, VA and are waiting for my Mom to retire so that they can permanently move to Myrtle. I will post some pictures on Friday.

Ray has some sort of stomach thing right now and is at home. You know it's bad when he asks me to send emails out for him. He is normally very connected to his computer. Now he is very connected to the toilet bowl.

We have since found out why we did not get into the magnet school. It is not a true lottery as I first get in based on certain criteria of your base school like percentage of capacity. There is a woman who blogs about it (see how important blogs are???) and posted all the details on her site. We will apply for a transfer and see where that gets us. In the meantime, we received our track assignment for our base school. Ashley will start kindergarten on July 7th, two weeks before turning 5.

And I almost forgot...I had my first (and probably only) famous blogger sighting this weekend. We were at Myrtle Beach State park and had gone to the playground. Prior to moving to NC, I had been reading A Trixie Update, a blogger who blogged about his daughter and who at the time lived in Durham. He was written about in either Parents or Parenting magazine, which is how I discovered him. Well, lo and behold, there he and his daughter were at the playground. He was super nice even if I was somewhat psycho about it all. He doesn't keep his blog updated much anymore, but he said he would check mine out (Hi Ben!!).

It's a new week, I just finished a pretty intensive class and have a week off until my next class starts, and this is the weather forecast. Bring on spring, I am in desperate need of some good weather...

Taxes - Information for this year...

As most of you recall from last year, taxes are not fun in our house. Not only is Ray self-employed, but we have rental property, kids, and estimated tax payments. Any help with taxes is greatly appreciated. Turbo Tax offers tons of help...check our their site for information.

Tax Rebate Calculator
130 million Americans will begin receiving tax rebates in May as a result of the economic stimulus package passed by Congress last month. This week, the IRS is sending those individuals a letter entitled "economic stimulus payment notice" alerting people that they may be eligible for $600 and most married couples will receive $1,200. Parents will receive an additional $300 for each eligible child younger than 17. The notice says that in order to get the rebate all one has to do is file a 2007 tax return. This letter also includes a set of instructions for calculating one's own return. TurboTax has simplified a way for these individuals to uncover their actual refund amount for free.The new, free online Tax Rebate calculator at will help people determine how big their tax rebate will be. Just by answering a few simple questions, any taxpayer can see how much money the economic stimulus plan will put into their pockets. You can use this calculator by visiting and clicking on the icon in the lower right hand corner of the main page or by visiting this page.

Free Filing
Did you also know that some people can use TurboTax for free? If you earned $30,000 or less or were active military duty or qualify for the Earned Income Credit, you can use the resources at to fill out your forms and e-file. Visit to determine whether you qualify and how you can participate with TurboTax Freedom Edition.

Audit Tools
In 2007 the IRS cracked down, auditing more than 1.3 million individual tax returns. That’s a 7% increase over 2006 and the largest number of audits since 1998. This year TurboTax is helping its customers to identify and reduce the risk of an audit with two audit support tools.

Audit Risk Meter: This new tool helps taxpayers reduce their risk of an audit by identifying potential audit triggers before they file their return.

Audit Support Center: Helps customers deal with, and prepare, in the unlikely event that they are audited. Both of these tools give taxpayers the peace of mind to know they’re helping reduce their risk while also providing a life-line should they be contacted by the IRS. Additionally, taxpayers can help reduce their risk of an audit by being aware of common tax situations that could raise red flags with the IRS, such as:

Child Tax Credit: With more and more children living with separated or divorced parents this is becoming a more common red flag. To receive the child tax credit you must enter the child’s social security number. If another parent has already claimed that social security number, the second return to be filed will trigger an audit.

Home Office Deductions: The home office deduction is an area the IRS pays close attention to. Taxpayers claiming this deduction should make sure they are disciplined in what they deduct and how they use their home office.

Rental Property: If a taxpayer owns a rental property, the IRS may be taking a closer look at their return. Owners of rental properties will want to make sure their home can be classified as a rental property and not a vacation home.

Friday, March 21, 2008

It is a Good Friday

Sorry, I don't have any pictures today. Yesterday we loaded up the van and headed to Myrtle for the weekend. I think a weekend at the beach is just what we all need. We are hoping to do some hiking and exploring at Myrtle Beach State park, find an Easter Egg hunt, make some cookies, and just hang out.

Of course the trip did start out fun with Tootles throwing up in the van, but hey, at least it was just throw up and not poop. Always look on the bright side....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some days, I just need a really good cry

We did not get into the school we wanted. No one on our street did or our neighborhood for that matter. Random my ass.

I can handle alot, but yesterday was the straw that broke the camel's back. After Edie called to tell me she checked my mail and Ashley didn't get in, I couldn't stop crying at my desk. Pathetic, I know. I can handle stuff, I really can, but it just seems to keep piling on. The school for Ashley, our house in Virginia that is back on the market, school work, band obligations (I am responsible for applying for grants), helping out the person that is staying with us. One.thing.after.another.

Ray and I are trying to not spend any money we don't have to in case we have to pay two mortgages for some unidentified amount of time. I really like shopping at Target. I haven't stepped foot in that store in weeks. Ray and I haven't had a "date night" in months. We cancelled the cleaning lady. Don't expect a clean house if you come to visit. And speaking of visits, we would love our families to come visit, but everyone has their own stuff going on - unemployed, getting settled in new homes, finalizing plans for weddings. Ray's Mom has a blood clot in her leg, my Mom had surgery on her ears last week.

I know there are worse things, I really do. I even know people going through worse things than any of this. I guess I just had enough and some days, I just need a good cry. Tomorrow will be a new day.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It might smell like a brothel....

On Sunday night, I tucked Ashley in as usual and left the room. She immediately called me back in and told me she was scared to be alone. She has been having a few fears pop up lately (like at the playground we went on Saturday, she was afraid to climb to the top of this climbing thing, I know, I am really descriptive.) which isn't like her. I am assuming that as she gets older and becomes more aware of her surroundings, we will find more fears.

Anyways, I went back to my room and grabbed my bottle of perfume. I normally wear Happy by Clinique, but this bottle happens to be some free sample I got at Victoria's Secrets (or Secretions as I lovingly call the place...). I took it back to her and played on the Happy theme. I told her that one spray will make everything in her room happy and there would be no reason for fear. I sprayed it once, coughed on the fumes, and handed her the bottle. She wanted to sleep with it sitting on her bed (she has a day bed with a ledge on it so she could sit the bottle on the ledge), so I gave it to her and left the room.

I always go back and check on the girls before I go to bed. When I opened Ashley's door that night, I was almost knocked over by the fumes. She must have sprayed that bottle 15 times.

But it's working, and I am not messing with something that works.

And no, nothing was in our mailbox on Tuesday...Wednesday is probably the day. Keep your fingers crossed that Ashley has been randomly selected to go to the magnet school.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hope in a Contest....

Supposedly on Friday the letters were mailed out by our county to tell us if Ashley got into the magnet school or not. Theoretically, we should have received those on Saturday. Others did, but we did not. So yesterday, Edie went home early for Hayden's dance class fully expecting the letter to be there.

And it wasn't.

With each passing day, I am losing hope. I really want Ashley to go to this one specific school, and waiting for some damn letter telling me whether she got in or not sucks.

Today, we have a neighbor who works from home watching for the mail truck and she is going to call Edie if letters are indeed in our mailbox. Keep your fingers crossed.

In the meantime, Edie needs some help. A tagline help. From all you really, really creative people. And there is a prize! Something we all need (or at least I do...).

Monday, March 17, 2008

Visiting Bust

Operation Single parent was okay (and I get to do it again in April, what fun). Friday night Audrey decided that she would spend two hours coming out of her room. I tried everything to get her to stay in her room. At one point, I told her I was going to take away her pillow if she came out of her room, and ten minutes later she came out of her room carrying her pillow and said "Here, Mommy...". Nice. And by 4:00am, both girls were in bed with me. Ashley demanded that she sleep on my arm and Audrey slept with her feet in my face.

Saturday morning Audrey had a birthday party, and Ray was supposed to get in around 8:00am. He did not end up getting in until 11:00am, so he caught the very end of the party. He had been up since 4:30am as he had to get to the airport early, so between him and me, we were exhausted.

So it was a good thing that our friends never showed up. Their four year old had the stomach bug, so they were going to try and come on Sunday (they were supposed to come on Saturday) but ended up not coming at all. What sucked the most about it all? Ashley was so looking forward to it. I hate, really hate to see my kids feelings get hurt. And yes, I realize that it's part of life and part of growing up and blah blah blah, but it still SUCKS. When we told Ashley they weren't coming, she cried and said maybe they will come on Monday. And we had to tell her no, and then she argued with us that no, that they may come on Monday. She had so many plans for her friend. They were going to have a picnic lunch and watch High School Musical 2.

Saturday night it took all we had to get the kids to bed, that's how tired we were. And thankfully, everyone slept amazing that night. Audrey slept until 7:00am and Ashley slept until 8:30am. That NEVER happens. Ever.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Pictures - Life and Science Museum in Durham

Last Saturday was a rare day where we had nothing planned, so we took the kids to the Life and Science Museum in Durham, NC. The main reason we wanted to go was to see the Butterfly Pavilion as Ashley keeps telling us she wants a butterfly for a pet. Ashley really enjoyed the science experiments she got to do, and Audrey loved to run around.

I was mad that I forgot my other lens for my camera that would have given me better closeup shots of the butterflies, but I worked with what I had. Ashley wanted to catch a butterfly and it was really cool because they were flying all around us.
The first exhibit.
The play area for Audrey.
Concentrating on cutting a helicopter.
Outside the Butterfly House.
Audrey wanted her picture taken too.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Operation Single Parent

Ray leaves tonight to go visit the town this lady lives in. He has some conference thing there tomorrow, and no, I don't know the details. Some realtor thing. I tried to tag along so I could visit my internet friend, but airfare was expensive, I don't have much leave at work, and we need to save as much as we can in case we have some two mortgage months in the future due to our house in Virginia.

So it's just me and the girls from tonight until Saturday morning, which is really no big deal. And actually, we have a house guest right now who the girls love, so at least I can have adult conversations. I would go into details about our house guest, but I really can't for the sake of her privacy. She is going through some issues and Ray and I offered our home to her, and I will leave it at that.

And this weekend, we will have more house guests. Saturday our good friends from Virginia are coming to visit with their three kids and their sister. So add 3 more adults and 3 more kids to my house for 2 nights should be fun. And messy. And loud. Just like I like it. I love seeing the kids have fun and enjoying themselves.

And remember when you guys gave me some good ideas for Valentine's Day? I posted some ideas I found for St. Patrick's Day on Lookit, but if you guys have any more ideas on making the day special, please fill me in. Especially if you know any foods that do well with green food dye...

Contest at Lookit! I Spy...

How does a Bloomin' Onion sound to you guys? Or even better (at least to me who is currently completely craving anything chocolate, and no, I am not pregnant, the complete opposite of pregnant...) a Chocolate Thunder From Down Under?

Outback Steahouse is celebrating its 20th anniversary with specials and such as limited time creations.

Head over to Lookit! I Spy for our latest giveaway...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My kids cuss and there's nothing I can do about it...

So Saturday we were getting ready to head out to a museum for the day, and I was pouring Audrey a sipping cup. I filled it halfway with water and was reaching for the apple juice when I tipped it over. Most of the water ended up on Ashley's foot and leg as she was standing right next to me.

And she so calmly said, "Damnit".

To which Audrey replied in a not so calm, not so quiet voice, "DAMNIT".

At least Ashley used the word appropriately.

And no, neither Ray nor I could hide our laughing.

Cheerios and Heart Disease

If you guys are like me, you buy alot of Cheerios. I actually like Cheerios and often eat a bowl as a snack late at night (or as a lunch item when the hospital cafeteria is offering chicken livers again...). Not only are they Weight Watchers friendly, but they are heart friendly as well.

Some facts:
-Heart disease ranked highest (38%) in terms of chief health concerns among women.
-Only 50 percent of women have had their cholesterol level checked in the past year.
-In fact, more women have checked their computer for viruses (78 percent), checked their tire pressure (56 percent) and checked the batteries in their smoke detector (53 percent) than have had their cholesterol level checked (50 percent).

Cheerios has once again kicked off the Cheerios Circle of Helping Hearts program that will help to provide free cholesterol screenings for women in need. For every person who enters the code at, $1 will be donated WomenHeart to support women’s health education and cholesterol screenings for women in need. (The code can be found on the inside flap of specially marked boxes.) Cheerios and 8th Continent soymilk together will donate up to $500,000 to WomenHeart, the nation’s only patient advocacy organization serving women with heart disease.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Biscuits and hell of a title....

At this moment, I have almost gone through an entire box of tissues, and I have only been at work for two hours. I have been hit with some head cold snot headache thing, but I am still alot better off than those who have been hit with the full blown flu.

It didn't help that the girls decided not to sleep last night - Audrey is finally cutting those two year molars (we should have given her Tylenol, we realize that, especially since she won't take her hand out of her mouth which should have been a huge clue that something was going on in there) and Ashley had a nightmare, something about having to have a breathing treatment. Audrey does her nebulizer every night, and we have been reading this book about a boy and asthma, so I am guessing this is what that nightmare stems from. No asthma book to be read tonight, that's for sure.

But on a happier note, I just had my first Bojangles biscuit. My supervisor's last day is today as she is scheduled for a C-section on Thursday and I picked up breakfast for the office from Bojangles. Bojangles were few and far between in Virginia, but they seem to be a way of life here in North Carolina. People are literally shocked when I say I have never had a biscuit from there. And now I know why. It is very, very dangerous. It is taking all my willpower not to take another biscuit....that and I may drip snot on the way to the kitchen.


I was lucky enough to be choosen to try out Giftventure through Mom Central...don't know what that is? Neither did I.

Check out my review here...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

One of my favorite sites, 5 Minutes for Mom, is hosting a really cool blog party. Check out Mr. Linky for all the participants...

I hate to bore those of you who know me, but here goes:

About Me:
I am 32, have two girls, Ashley is 4 and Audrey is 2. I have been married for almost 10 years (gasp!). I work full time as an accountant (finanical analyst if I want to sound all fancy and stuff) in healthcare and I live near Raleigh, North Carolina and love meeting other bloggers from this area. I write for a Working Mom's Blog and a Review Blog. And next week, I will be writing on Wednesday's for a website devoted to Moms in the Triangle area.

I love Disney, coffee, and potato chips. Please stay away from me if you have an open bag.

What else? I play bassoon in my town's community band, I am addicted to Americal Idol and Lost, and have a really odd Tivo list that includes Ghost Hunters, Jon & Kate Plus 8, What Not to Wear. I also love to cook, but unfortunately my family does not share in my adventurous spirit in the kitchen. Unless it has chocolate in it.

I applied to be on the Amazing Race, but obviously did not make it.

I would share pictures of my kids partying, but at this point that would just be pictures of my kids dancing around my husband's laptop while listening to High School Musical. Yes, even my two year old. And yes, even me.

And since I love to cook, I would love to start a food blog (and because I don't have enough other stuff to do), so winning from my favorite blog designers, RS Design (#71 on the prize list) would be great. They did my design on my review blog. Or I would love to win a design by See My Designs (#67), Designs by Summer (#45), or Sweet N Simple Design ($24).

And because Ashley requested, I would love to win the computer software for her courtesy of Mom Reviews (#44). From there, any of the cool shirts many of the prizes have listed, from cute onesies to cool t-shirts.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Pictures

I don't have many pictures from this week, but I like the ones I took. I am off today and am running around as usual doing as many errands as possible while the kids are in school. I am also reading to Ashley's class for Read Across America week. Of course it's rainy and cool here, so running errands should be blast...enjoy the pics...

Audrey decided having huge scrapes on her knees weren't enough, she decided to draw all over herself. Once again, something Ashley never, ever did. This second child is a ton of work...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Piles and piles of stuff...

I am still slammed at work. I am hoping to at least come up for air from my desk today as it is Chick-fil-a day in the cafeteria. Beats Chicken Livers...

This morning I went to the dentist for my regularly scheduled cleaning. I am thinking all this doctor stuff only gets more and more painful as we get older. No cavities or anything, just the scrapping and scrubbing and cleaning seem to be more and more painful each time I go.

And I failed to mention in my 7 (or was it 10) things about me a few weeks ago....I am actually a shark. I have a second row of teeth behind my two top front teeth. Weird, right? They are only half the size of the front teeth which makes it a perfect location for food to get stuck in.

Anyone want to go in my google reader and give me a summary of everyone's posts?

Green Works

I was recently sent a sample of the new Green Works from Clorox through Mom Central. And to be completely honest, I had forgotten I had signed up to receive the samples and saw them on sale at Walmart and had already purchased some.

We have already changed out our lightbulbs to be "greener" and Ray seems especially obsessed with being green.

Enter in the cleaners. I will also admit this - I don't clean often. I hate it. Despise it. But our kitchen becomes a disaster. We have a huge granite island that somehow through dinner and kids becomes messy and our black wood (or laminate? I don't know what it is, but it is black) kitchen table becomes even more messier.

Normally I use just a wet paper towel and a lot of elbow grease. Okay, I mean Ray uses a wet paper towel and a lot of elbow grease (did I mention he does the grocery shopping too?). But when I do clean, it's a pain.

But not with this stuff. Not only did it work great, I think it smells non-chemically (I am making up words here). It smells really like lemons and the Glass and Surface cleaner is safe to use on sealed granite. We were always afraid to use other chemical products on our granite for fear of eating away at the sealant. The Natural All Purpose Cleaner is safe for granite as well (and stainless steel and chrome).

Finally a company that listened to its customers and developed a product that not only works, but works well.

More Information...

PKids is a national nonprofit organization that was started by parents of kids with infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and C. Their mission is the educate the public about infectious diseases, and they have a campaign right now for Pertussis, or commonly known as Whooping Cough. Pertussis is a potentially deadly bacterial infection that can affect anyone at any age, but it is very harmful for babies. It is important for protection for babies for anyone in close contact with them be vaccinated against it as adults are the number one transmitter of the disease to babies.

Some facts:
  • Babies may bleed behind the eyes and in the brain from coughing.
  • The most common complication is bacterial pneumonia. About 1 child in 10 with pertussis also gets pneumonia, and about 1 in every 50 will have convulsions.
  • Brain damage occurs in 1 out of every 250 children who get pertussis.
  • Pertussis causes about 10-20 deaths each year in the United States
Check out their site for more information here.....

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Updates on Ashley

Thanks for all the great advice yesterday. I did walk Ashley to her room when she said no, but she wouldn't stay in it. I finally went in her room into her closet and took out her precious High School Musical shirt and took it away from her. You would have thought I cut off her foot. She finally calmed down enough, stayed in her room for the allotted time I gave her. She lost books at bedtime as well which I hate taking away since it's beneficial for both of us; I get to spend one-on-one time with her and she gets the benefits of being read to. I just hate having bad evenings with her. During the week, the evenings are all I have and when I have a bad one like the other night, guilt sets in and I hate it.

So last night I was giving Ashley a bath, and out of the blue she asked me why people cry at weddings. No idea where that came from, and I told her that sometimes people cry when they are really, really happy.

We also found out that Ashley is not allergic to nuts. We actually didn't think she was, but with Ray's peanut allergy, neither of the girls have had peanuts (although they have eaten stuff cooked in peanut oil which Ray can eat as well...). If anyone has a food allergy, it will probably be Audrey since she has seasonal allergies, asthma and eczema. She has already been on her Zyrtec for a month now. Anyways, so Friday night Ashley had her two friends over for a movie and one of the Mom's brought over cookies that happened to have nuts in them. And Ashley ate one. We watched her carefully, and she was fine. And the next day when we stopped for ice cream at Cold Stone, I got my usual chocolate and peanut butter, and she had a taste of it and was fine then too. The only problem? She said she didn't like it. Sucks, I love peanut butter, I was hoping at least one of my kids would like peanut butter too.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Question for you....

I am sort of slammed at work (and why I am posting this at 1:30am, I have no idea....), so I am reading your blogs, just may not have time to comment.

So the question for you...what do you do when your 4 year old (or 5 or 6 or 7 or whatever) tells you "No" when you tell them to go to their room?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Where do the weekends go??

Friday night, Ashley had two friends over from school to watch a movie and play.

Saturday I got my haircut at 8:00am, got home and packed up the family and went to Greensboro to see Playhouse Disney Live at the Greensboro coliseum with Edie and Sabrina (and their families of course). Sabrina will post pictures soon (although she's might be mad at me since I can't seem to remember to bring her something she wants to look at AND she thought I was going to a cooking class tonight with her, I can't get my crap together...) since I didn't even take my camera. It was a long day that started with Audrey somehow dumping out her sipping cup all over her on the way there. We had to find a mall to get her a new outfit prior to the show, but we made it. We left Greensboro around 1:30, stopped on the way home for ice cream and some shoe shopping, and we were home by 4:00pm. Then I had a band concert to attend, while Ray stayed home with the girls. He didn't feel like dragging them to the concert, and I have about four outdoor concerts coming up in April and May that is a lot easier for the kids to come to and enjoy.

Sunday was church...seems the schedule for us on Sundays turns out to be that Audrey and I do the grocery shopping while Ray and Ashley go to Sunday school and then Audrey and I meet them at the church for the 11:00am service. After church, I cleaned and cooked while Ray and the girls played outside. Then Audrey's teacher that left her school (the one who thought she had cancer and then didn't, but has some other health issues) came over for a visit. She had only been there about five minutes and we were sitting on the front porch when Audrey fell and scrapped up her knees pretty bad. She screamed and cried and screamed some more, but finally calmed down and we had a good visit.

And knock on wood, seriously, everyone, RIGHT NOW knock on wood, but Audrey didn't come out of her room Saturday night or Sunday night after we put her to bed. HALLELUJAH. Since we didn't have to spend 2 hours walking a certain two year old back to her room, Ray and I did something we hardly ever do anymore. We actually watched a movie. I know, a novel concept. We rented Knocked Up and watched it. Not the greatest movie, had some laugh out loud parts, but it was about 45 minutes too long.

And that was the weekend.

And guess what??? They sell those Pancake Puff things at Target. God Bless Target.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pancake Puffs

My kids are obsessed with these...seriously. We watch Sprout when the Disney Channel is showing the teen shows like Hannah Montana that Audrey just does not care for (she's is only 2). The commercial for these panacake puffs comes on it seems everyday and my kids FREAK OUT. Audrey will literally come running to find us to tell us "Pancake Puffs".

Maybe an Easter gift? I think they might crap their pants.