Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This morning....

My sleep for the past two nights has been a little interrupted. Audrey woke up Sunday night wanting some milk (she hasn't done that in MONTHS) and last night Ashley woke up when a life sized poster of Hannah Montana fell from the wall.

So I was hitting snooze at 6:00am when Audrey decided to go ahead and get up. She is funny when she gets up in the morning; she comes out of her room, closes the door behind her, and comes and finds us. She crawled in bed with me and snuggled for a few minutes. Then she rolled over on her back and told me she loved me, completely unprompted. What a great way to start off my day.

And then it went downhill from there. She had a fit because she saw chocolate on the kitchen counter and wanted some. Ashley has some bug bite on the bottom of her foot, and complained about that all morning. Ashley is back into her "I want to wear all pink" stage, and what I had laid out for her to wear today was unacceptable. Thankfully everyone made it to the bus stop and to school on time.

Now if I can only get motivated to work...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Insights and other delightful information from our trip...I promise to stop talking about our vacation soon...

Every year when we go to Disney, we see something interesting. Like the year Crocs were making their way into fashion, and I kept wondering why people were wearing gardening shoes to the parks.

This was the year of the stroller. Seriously, I have never seen so many weird strollers. The pod-like ones, the ones for airplanes, but the one that took the cake was the Peg Perego stroller we saw on the Monorail one night. And I have scowered the internet to find it, and I can't. Sorry, no picture. It was a double stroller, probably at least 4 feet long. The kids in it faced each other, and they could basically lay down as it made one big huge bed. And the damn thing had a steering wheel on it. And they had to use the steering wheel since it was such a long stroller, it took some work to go around corners.

And I saw a famous person. Okay, sort of famous. Maybe a B-lister. Or C. We were eating breakfast/lunch at a character buffet in Animal Kingdom and guess who was sitting near us??
John Tartaglia. Yea, I know, most of you have no idea who he is, but I do. My kids love Johnny and the Sprites. He was there with a friend and two kids. Not sure whose kids they were, but we saw them later in the park riding stuff.

I was too chicken to go up to him and ask for his picture. Ray will tease me about that until I die.

I'm Back...

We came home late on Friday night after a not so fun drive back from Florida with two very tired children.

Our trip was great...just as always though, too short. The kids had a blast, and Ray and I did too. I have started a post about doing Disney frugally, which at some point I will finish typing. Yes, we tried to save some money on this trip. Christmas will be here before we know it, and right after that Audrey turns three. Money may as well fly out of my pocket.

We did have some firsts on our trip despite it being the 16th time I have been to Disney, the 6th time for Ashley, and the 2nd time for Audrey (I have no idea about Ray, I can only keep track of three of us). Ashley and I rode in the front of the monorail (Audrey and Ray took the bus home that night, Audrey was FASCINATED with the buses, she kept calling them Mickey's Schoolbus). The girls had their faces painted. We ate at two restaurants we had not been to before.

Ashley is back in school this week after being tracked out for three weeks. She was so excited about going back, she was up at 5:45am. She will be one tired kid come this afternoon...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We Opened and Closed a Park

Last year we only spent about an hour at Animal Kingdom. Ashley had melted down, and it was hot and everyone was cranky.

But this year, we actually got to enjoy the park. We were there when it opened at 9:00am, and we left the park after it closed at 5:00pm. Audrey ended up taking a nap in her stroller, Ashley rode Expedition Everest, a roller coaster, three times, and we got to see the parade and the most amazing show I have seen at Disney so far, Finding Nemo the Musical. It was amazing. If you go to Disney, definitely go see that show.

We were hoping the girls would sleep in this morning, but no luck. They were both up before 7:00am even though Audrey didn't go to sleep until after 10:00pm. We are heading to a water park today, and then Magic Kingdom again tonight.

The only other thing to note so far is Audrey is obviously allergic to bananas. She broke out in hives all over her face after just eating a little bit. Thankfully the store at the resort had Children's Benedryl, and it cleared it up right away.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yup, in Disney World

I need a nap. And a foot massage. And a reminder to actually put sunscreen on myself, not just my kids. And a nap.

I just don't think I have the energy to post about everyday, maybe when I get back from my trip. So far, we have stuck to the schedule, but it's only the second day. Today we spent the day at Magic Kingdom and even went back after dinner to see the fireworks.

I haven't seen anything outrageous on anyone, a lot of kids on leashes, people smoking in Magic Kingdom (the entire park is smoke-free I thought). Audrey was put up on TV in the Monster Inc. show which was cute. And when we walked up to our hotel on Saturday around 11:30am after leaving Raleigh at 2:00am, the woman who greeted us at the door asked us our last name, then immediately welcomed Ashley and Audrey by their name. And she didn't look at a list or anything. Some Disney Magic.

I hope everyone has a little magic this week...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Pictures - Cheerleading

These are pictures from her first game she cheered at, a couple of Sundays ago. It was hotter than hell, and the white tank top you see underneath her ill-fitting uniform we ended up taking off during the game.

But I can't express how much she loves cheerleading. It is amazing how quickly she picks up the cheers. This week she missed Tuesday since she was in Virginia. At Thursday's practice, she had to learn three new cheers, and it took no time at all.

I refused to buy the expensive cheer shoes until next year...I need to be sure she would actually do it. So she has these shoes.
There are actually 8 of them, but 4 cheer for one team, and 4 for the other team. The next age group up has like 40 girls.

Starting to get a little hot...
I especially like the tatoo...although it takes an act of God (or a little bit of baby oil) to remove it.
Her spirit move...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Memes and Awards...

I have received some awards and such, and here they are (apologies for being so late with them!):

3XMom nominated me for this sparkly award:
Here are the rules:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link to the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. (or however many you want)
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Nominating CPAMom, SJ, Sabrina, Moments, Happy Working Mom, Lori, Kellie

Lori at Teacher Turned Mommy (who I would love to meet her and her adorable boys when in Florida, but she is still too far away...) tagged me for this meme:

Post a picture of you and your kids (not the most flattering pic of me...oh well):

Then answer the following questions:
1. How many children do you have? 2 girls
2. What are their ages? Ashley is 5, Audrey will be 3 in January
3. What time of day do you start your day? 6:00am
4. What do you eat for breakfast? Fiber One bar
5. Do they watch TV? Yup, Disney Channel addicts
6. What are their favorite activities? Ashley loves cheerleading, and well, actually Audrey does too.
7. Do you get a break during the day from them? I work full-time outside of the home
8. How do you end your day? in bed, arguing with Ray over what to watch while I attempt to stay awake
9. What is your best parenting advice or tip? be patient and flexible

Anyone who wants to join in, feel free!

Lori also awarded me two awards...I am flattered!

I nominate Julie and Giants Fan.
I nominate Common Mom, Mel, BoufMom9, Terri.

Glad that's done...now I am begin the countdown to Disney...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

She really wants to be an only child

With Ashley gone to the grandparents (and having a fabulous time), we are at home with Audrey. And all the extra attention she is getting?

She is completely eating it all up.

She loves it. She has been dancing and singing. Ray said when he picked her up from school yesterday, she talked nonstop the entire ride home. Last night I took her to a gymnastics class at the local gymnastics place to see if she would like it. Two other girls from her class were there as well. She was in heaven. She loved it and didn't stop moving the entire time. Her instructor kept telling us to have the girls try things (like walk the balance beam, hang from the uneven bars), but not to expect them to do it. Audrey did it all. She even did a handstand by walking her feet up a wall.

And you should have seen her talking to her sister on the phone last night. The faces? Priceless. I need to capture it on video if she talks to her tonight.

Last night we let her stay up later, and then we let her fall asleep in our bed. Will we pay for this later? Most likely, but for right now, she is my little one, and I want her to have some special time as well.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Here I am, posting late again...

This weekend was kind of crazy. It started off with Ashley's pep rally for cheerleading, and ended with me getting back from Virginia at 11:30 last night.

I need a nap.

Friday night was Ashley's pep rally, which she enjoyed. They announced all the cheerleaders and they got to do a cheer. Saturday morning we had a friend take pictures of us at a local park. I am extremely excited to see these...there were moments when both the girls were doing something that I knew would make a great candid shot. Then Ashley cheered at a football game, and we came home to watch the end of the VT football game.

Sunday morning Ashley and I left for Virginia at 8:00am with my friend Wendy. The purpose of the trip was to drop Ashley off at the grandparents and for Wendy to do a CAbi party for my Mom (CAbi is an at home business, clothes). Dropped Ashley off at my Dad and Stepmom's house, ate a quick lunch, said a quick hello to my brother and his wife, and off we were to set up for the party. The party was at 3:00pm, finished around 6:00pm, went to dinner at the World's Slowest Cracker Barrel, rolled out of there at 8:00pm, pulled into my driveway at 11:30pm, completely exhausted.

Ray is going back to Virginia on Wednesday to get Ashley from his parents. I talked to her today and of course she was having a blast with my Stepmom and was looking forward to her cousin coming over to play who just turned four.

And yes, we did cancel Audrey's procedure for tomorrow. She was supposed to have a catheter and ultrasound and lots of things I didn't want to put her through. One of the doctor's in the pediatrician's office called me on Friday afternoon. Since she didn't have a fever with the UTI she had in July, he told me he wouldn't have it done for his kids. That was enough for us, and we cancelled the procedure. Most likely she just got "germy" (as he put it) from the lake and pool she had swam in, and she will most likely not have another one. Whew.

So GAH! Crazy weekend, even crazier week...girl scout meeting, band concert, cheerleading, gymnastics (intro class for Audrey to see if she likes it), and Friday night/Saturday morning at 2:00am, we are leaving for Disney. So at some point I have to pack. GAH!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I really, really meant to post some pictures...

I have some great pictures from Ashley's first cheerleading game last weekend which I had every intention of posting this morning.

And then I just had one of those mornings. Ashley is feeling better, but she is still that "I have a cold and will not act like myself" kid. She was whiny and tired due to the fact she decided 5:50am was the correct time to get up.

At 7:00am, I decided to wake up Audrey, who had peed in her bed. Not a big deal, her mattress is water proof (still her mattress from her crib in her toddler bed), and it's the first nighttime accident she has had. I clean her up, get her dressed, get her eating breakfast. After breakfast the girls are washing hands and I go to move Audrey's blanket from the ground without realizing Ashley was standing on it, and in doing so, Ashley fell. She was fine, it was just the fact that I had made her fall. Nothing like a little guilt to start the day off with.

So upstairs we went to get Ashley dressed and to clean up Audrey's bed. As I was doing that, Audrey decided to pee on the floor in her sister's room. Grrr. So in the bath she went, I cleaned her, cleaned the floor, dressed her yet again, dressed Ashley, brushed teeth, combed hair, etc. Laundry started, walked the dog, and we were finally on our way.

So that's my sorry excuse for no pictures. I just hope the rest of my day gets better.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Doctor visits...

I am semi-pyschotic about the flu shot. I have always had one, although it was helpful that I worked for a health system and always got one for free. The one year Ray didn't get the shot, we ended up in the ER with him. Not fun. And with the kids in daycare/public school, I think it is very important to get the vaccine.

But now I don't work in health care, but I was lucky (or not really) to have my annual exam with my GYN today. She had just received the vaccine yesterday, so I was the first in her office to get one. Yippee! Of course the girls' pediatrician office doesn't have them yet, but as soon as they do, we will be first in line.

The other doctor visits Ray and I are struggling with is an ultrasound for Audrey. In July, she had a UTI and since she was younger than 4, her pediatrician said it is precaution to have this procedure done. I had issues with kidney infections and such when I was an infant, but I don't have any lasting effects from that.

The radiologist office called today to explain what they would do. She would be given a drug that wouldn't put her sleep but instead would help her forget the experience of having a catheter put in and her bladder filled. Ray is freaking out that she will be getting a mind altering drug; I am concerned about the whole catheter thing.

I have talked to a few people about this who have daughters who have gone through the same. As one Mom told me, I would rather have any defects ruled out now before she gets another awful UTI. Ray doesn't even want to go through it at all since she hasn't had another UTI since then.

I left a message with her doctor's office to talk about it...I just don't know.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I was worried about Ashley all day yesterday. I know she does well in new situations, but I was still worried. Ray had strict instructions to call me as soon as he picked her up.

He described her in one word - wiped. She got on the phone and told me how much fun she had, but she was so tired she could hardly talk. That, and of course it seems that she was getting sick.

I am at home with her today. We are heading to the doctor's office in a few minutes. She has viral-induced asthma, and she has a cough that doesn't good. Hopefully she can get some medicine in her and return to camp tomorrow because she is pissed she couldn't go today.

Monday, September 08, 2008

I have no idea what to title this post...

Ray and some guys on our street went to Myrtle this past weekend for a guys golf weekend. Yes, during Tropical Storm Hanna. Fortunately, they escaped much of the rain as the storm made landfall at night, so they did get some golf in.

So I was home with the girls, which is fine. Except that Saturday I was stuck in the house. It was raining that morning from the storm and we really didn't have anywhere to go. The only problem is I don't do well with being in the house all day. I need to get out, even if it is just to the grocery store. The girls liked hanging out at home, but unfortunately by nap time, I had become not so nice. The girls were fighting, I yelled at Ashley and immediately felt guilty.

So I put myself in timeout. I laid down with Audrey to get her to take a nap, and ended up sleeping as well. Ashley played in her room and came and woke me up when she was done playing. And I was a much nicer mom after my little nap. Audrey continued napping for about 2 hours, and we went to a neighbor's house for dinner and playtime.

I just hate getting to that point where I yell. Hate it. Although I will say this, the first few weeks Ashley was in school, she was a nightmare at bedtime. Ray and I worked really hard to stay calm and just let her have her tantrums and let her work through it, and it has worked. She has settled into the whole school thing, and there is much less fighting and crying at bedtime. I just need to work on losing my cool and yelling too, even if it only happens a few times a year, I don't want it to happen at all.

And now of course she is out of school for three weeks due to the year round schedule. This morning I dropped her off at the YMCA for their track out camp. She seemed a little nervous with the whole thing, but I think once she sees some of her friends, she'll be okay. And then of course Audrey had to be pried off of me by her teacher at school. Some days she is fine with drop off, other times she isn't.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Pictures - More Wedding Pics

Yea, I promised wedding pictures a week ago. I am still sorting through them...so here are few more.

Me and the girls before the wedding...
Clone 1 and clone 2...my Dad and my twin. Seriously, they even laugh the same.
Audrey and I dancing...
The bride and groom...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

My child is SO not wearing that...

I frequent a Subway for lunch in downtown Raleigh. Others who frequent this same Subway are the students of an adjacent high school.

And today made me very, very afraid to be raising girls.

When I walked in, I was behind about 7 others, all high school girls. Two of which were wearing dresses I would KILL my girls if they even attempted to wear. Not only were they short, but they lacked coverage over the boobs. And yes, I knew they were students because of the backpacks and what they were discussing. They were joined by other girls wearing shorts and t-shirts, so obviously someone missed the memo on either dressing like they were going clubbing or dressing like they were going to high school.

The other really, really annoying thing about the whole experience was the cell phones. ALL of them were on phones and two of them had to be asked multiple times what they wanted on their sandwiches because they were too busy talking on their cell phones. One even snapped back at the Subway employee.

If it is one thing I want to teach my kids, it is respect of those around you. Oh, and not dress appropriately.

Man, do I feel old after writing this....

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Don't call for me when you fall down the stairs...

I don't do well in emergency type situations. I freak out, start shaking and more importantly, freeze.

Like when Audrey climbed out of her crib over a year ago and broke her arm. We heard the bang and the scream, yet it wasn't me who ran up the stairs, it was Ray.

And yesterday, Audrey insisted she bring her blanket down to eat dinner with. She was demanding she was cold. She has been pretty good at navigating the stairs, but not so good with navigating them with a blanket in her hand. The stairs have a door at the bottom which we keep closed in order to keep the dog from going upstairs. At some point in her descent, Audrey fell down the stairs and started screaming.

I? Did nothing but look helplessly at Ray (we were both standing right in the kitchen next to the stairs). He ran and opened the door and picked her up. She was fine, she said her nose hurt, but there was no blood. I think she only fell off the bottom step.

And honestly, maybe I just do this when Ray is around. Ashley has fallen down those same stairs when we first moved in when Ray was not home. I recall not reacting like I did with Audrey, but running down the stairs even with the sight of blood pouring out of her nose.

Or maybe I just do it with Audrey. I don't know, but I just don't know how to not do it.