Sunday, July 02, 2006

Good Weekend

Just a quick update - I promise I will put pictures up tomorrow night. Ashley had a parade and party at school on Friday. It was very cute and she did really well. Saturday she had a birthday party for a boy in her class. When we got there, one of her classmates (a boy) walked up to her and said "Hi Ashley, I love you." It was pretty funny.

Ashley and Max have been having a great weekend playing together. She is going to be sad when he leaves. Max and Ashley even slept in the same room, Max had a blow up bed that we put on the floor in Ashley's room. They did great. I guess Ashley is ready for sleepovers (get ready Ethan)!

Last night our neighbors put off fireworks, the ones you set on the ground and they make a ton of noise. Well, Ashley was pretty scared of them. I think it was just the loud noise she didn't like. I guess we won't be going to see any fireworks shows this year.

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