Friday, July 14, 2006

Phone Lines

We have phone service through Sprint, and yesterday when I got home, I could barely make out the messages on the machine due to the static. We thought it was the crappy phones we bought, but even the "good" phone in the house had a ton of static. Then I tried connecting to the internet, and the DSL line isn't working either. So a call was put in to Sprint (the guy was amazed at how bad the static was) and hopefully it will be fixed. In the meantime, I can't post pictures as they are all on my computer at home.

We are going to Myrtle Beach tomorrow for some beach time and hopefully a date night tomorrow night since Mom and Ed will be there.

I have my first band concert tonight. I am sure I will be flooded with memories of band in high school. I know most people have their own opinions of "band geeks", but I thoroughly enjoyed band. I was friends with some great people, of which unfortunately I am only in contact with one of them. I got to play some great music and go on some pretty cool trips (Sheila - remember lighting the room on fire in North Carolina to heat up pizza??) I hope my daughters fall in love with music as much as I did.

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SJINCO said...

OMG AMY! Do I ever remember almost burning the room down trying to heat pizza! I too am a true 'band geek' - mind, body and soul. I can't agree with you more, what great times, memories, friends and music. I miss it sometimes, and I admire you for keeping with it! I hope my kids pick up music like I did as well. People who know and appreciate music like we do will never understand the passion....Good Luck tonight at your concert. You are making me want to dig out my clarinet!!!