Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Fashion Statement

Here is Ashley after coming home from school today. I normally lay the clothes out for the girls every night not because Ray can't pick out clothes (I do get the frantic phone call sometimes when I haven't laid out clothes) but to make it easier on him. Everyone believes me, right?

Anyways, I did not send her to school in this. This outfit is her extra, I will never have to wear this and that's why it stays in my backpack for school outfit. She had a nightmare during her nap today and had an accident.

Tie-dye, plaid shorts and purple crocs. Definitely will be in fashion sometime soon.

Oh, and as for the purple crocs, yes, I fell for the latest fashion item that all the kids at school have. She just got them in the mail yesterday and she loves them. I held out long enough, but they are cute and they look extremely comfortable and I am a sucker. And she doesn't have to wear socks which she hates.

Her old "school" shoes that I ordered from Land's End that promised not to smell, well those walked themselves to the trash can after I washed them repeatedly trying to get the vinegary nasty smelly foot smell out of them. And I did email Land's End to tell them their anti-microbial shoes don't work.

Anyways, I tried in vain to find pink crocs since that is her favorite color ("and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is my favorite song" according to Ashley). But all I found were purple.


SJINCO said...

Ahhhhhh, CROCS! Glad to see that they are making their way to the East Coast.....finally!!!!! I have several pairs, they were a total life saver when I was pregnant. Oh, and it helps that they were founded in Boulder Colorado. You need a pink pair? I can get you a pink pair. They are everywhere out here.....and don't worry, they won't stink. Ever. I remember when my brother was living with me earlier this year, he bought a pair for his daughter and brought them back to CA. All her friends thought she was cool because they had never seen CROCS before....Ashley's rocking the purple CROCS- Yay!

Michele_3 said...

When we went to WD Animal Kingdom last weekend- everyone had on those crocs- My MIL & I was wondering if they are truly comfortable? So,they don't make your feet stick to them either when you sweat huh?
Her purple ones are too cute!

Silly Hily said...

I lurve crocs! I have two pair of flip flop crocs and lived in them while on maternity leave. They are fabulous. I will be getting some more regular crocs for winter.
Silly Girl has pink crocs. She loves them. They are the only thing she wears. Oh, and we both have stinky feet so they are life savers.