Thursday, September 21, 2006

Random Thoughts and Horrible Movies

Monday night, I went out to dinner and the movies with three other women from my street. We had Japanese for dinner, and the went to the movie theater thinking we would see The Black Dahlia. We were past the time, so the only other movie was The Last Kiss with Zach Braff. Let me just say, I love Zach Braff, he is hilarious in Scrubs, but DON'T. GO. SEE. THIS. MOVIE. Especially if you are looking for a feel good movie because you come out of the theater pretty pissed off at your husband, even if he has never, ever done anything to piss you off ever.

This is really pathetic, but I just had to call Ray and confirm Audrey's birthdate. I thought she was born on the 18th of January, but I was having doubts. Why can't I remember her birthday?

Ashley and Audrey are having a cultural parade at school tomorrow. We are supposed to dress them like their culture and bring in food related to it. Um, yea, their culture? If we really had to trace back, they are mutts, so what would that look like? My side of the family - Italian, German, Polish, West Virginian (Haha Mom!). Ray's side, who knows. I completely understand for those people who are first or second or even third generation here in the great United States. But why can't I dress them as Americans? And bring in Freeze Pops??


Happy Working Mom said...

How did you end up dressing them? I would have dressed them as you said, I could understand if it was 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation, but for the rest of us where that's not the case, be proud to be Americans...that is our culture! My husband's family and my family actually came over on the Mayflower...we are tried and true Americans!

SJINCO said...

Don't feel bad about not remembering Ashley's birthday - I'm always forgetting Isaac's it seems. I just got so used to saying Keven Jr's over and over all the time that it stuck, and besides, he was born on my Dad's birthday - hard to forget!

Michele_3 said...

That picture is too cute!
I would dress her all up in red, white & blue-Very American!
My kids are mutts too,(for some reason I always feel bad calling them that..) They have Cuban,Greek,Irish & even some Indian in them- how would you pick something to dress up for with all that in their families?
I think losing memory or 2nd guessing ourselves goes with motherhood- I do the same things..

Silly Hily said...

Oh, don't get me started on the whole why can't I just be a f-ing American already. My husband is full blooded Italian so I would do something Italian with Silly Girl since she is 50% Italian b/c the other 50% is a mix of a lot of things. She could pass for 100% Italian though. Her and Silly Boy could. All of the in-laws ask me "what" I am and I'm like, I'm American. I know my great, great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian and my dad's mom had a French maiden name but that's all I know. I had this a$$ who had married into my hubby's family so he wasn't even Italian call me a mutt one time and I could have knocked him out. I took that so personally and was highly pissed and to this day can't stand to look at him. Why do I have to BE something from another country? Why can't I just be an American and love my cheeseburgers?
See, I knew I would get on a soap box. Sorry.

Anonymous Fat Blogger said...

I absolutely LOVE Zach Braff! For some reason I find him so attractive ;) And dang it, I really wanted to see that movie.

Kelly said...

I always tell the pediatrician that Mr, Cheeks was born on the 17th for some reason.
I too, have heard that the Braff movie was crap. I'm sorry you wasted your night out on a crappy movie. I hope the food was good, at least.
Also, my vote is for cupcakes. Or maybe dressing them up like something they very obviously aren't. Like Chinese or Tibetian. And telling everyone that you used this as an opportunity to learn about another culture.

Anonymous said...

My grandad is Polish but I would still consider myself to be English and not Polish. It does seem crazy to be tracing their roots back rather than embracing their actual culture.

Hope you find something good to dress them up in.