Friday, September 15, 2006

Underwear and Curse Words

Ashley had ballet yesterday. When I got home with Audrey, Ashley and Ray had just returned home from class and running errands. Ashley then has to go to the bathroom. Of course since she is in her tights and leotard, this requires taking all her clothes off. But this reveals – she has no underwear on. I guess when Ray took her last week and changed her, somehow the underwear came off and the tights went on without the underwear. And now she thinks that’s how you wear a ballet outfit.

Ashley and I went to pick up pizza for dinner. I was trying to help her in her carseat and hold the pizza at the same time. As I about dropped the pizza, I of course said “shit.”

“Why did you say shit?”
“I didn’t, I said shoot.”
“No you didn’t.”
“Fine, just don’t tell Daddy.”

At the dinner table, I asked Ashley what her vocabulary word was today.
“Balls,” she replied. Then she continued, “We learned about boys’ balls.”
Holding back laughter, Ray asked her what boys’ balls look like.
“Like soccer balls, footballs.”
“Do girls have balls?”


Michele_3 said...

OMG!TOO funny!
How you held back laughter on that one- I don't know..
our kids are comedians without even knowing it huh?
Take care! :)

Silly Hily said...

HA! Too funny. Sad thing is, some men would agree with her that "they" REALLY ARE THAT BIG.

OH, so she's passed the age that you can tell her you really said something else? I dread that age. That's too funny that she said, "No you didn't." Like, MOM, don't even TRY to pull that one over on me.

Kelly said...

We were never allowed to wear underware on stage for a recital, so she's just getting in practice early.

Anonymous Fat Blogger said...

How funny!

I'm going to comment on your last 2 post here so I can get caught up.

1st - The pictures are adorable! She is a cutie!

2nd - Bug was the same way about dance class. I stressed over it horribly. Just continue to take her (unless you really feel she hates it) and she will warm up to it. It took Bug almost 2 months to really start participating and she still dances like Elaine from Seinfeld...LOL