Friday, January 05, 2007

My Drive Home

I thought I would post something a little more upbeat, funny, lighthearted. I decided to take pictures on my drive yesterday evening to go pick up the girls. And yes, I was careful.

But I did read something yesterday that just shocked me beyond belief. Seriously. Go here to read.

Huh. That's a teepee. That wasn't there before....Oh, and see the crack at the bottom of the window? It goes all the way across and has been there almost a year. I got it when Audrey was born. I think we may need to get a new windshield at some point so I don't look like I am driving the getaway van....

Dude, I need an oil change. And some gas.

Like my new shoes?

Do you see that fish? It moves when the vehicle is stopped. Only in the south would we have fish on the trailer hitches that move.

I have 4 minutes to be at school. I think I may make it.

One picture that for some reason didn't load was the package of diapers on the passenger seat. I was supposed to take them into daycare, but I never remember. Seriously. They could be sitting on the steering wheel, and I would forget. When I pull into daycare, the only thing on my mind is getting in there and getting the kids. I must remember to take them in today....

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Michele_3 said...

You silly woman!
Love the shoes!!!
I am a shoe-aholic & I love those you had on- Where did you get them?

I have a crack in my windshield too- real small one though!
(from being behind a huge truck pelting my car w/ rocks)

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Ok, that story was crazy. I love the shoes! Yesterday when I picked Alyssa up her babysitter told me she needed diapers. So, last night, after dinner, me and the girls go to Walmart for a few things. I bought diaper, left them on the dining room table, in the bag, and STILL forgot to take them this morning!

Oh, and, a teepee, wtf?

Jennifer said...

I love those shoes! I can go forever and forget to check the gas. I know this might sound annoying but I miss getting dressed and going to work/school/out to lunch. I work from home but I don't have the excuse to buy cute shoes anymore.

Lost A Sock said...

Hey that was fun, taking a little drive with you.

Cute shoes!!

SJINCO said...

Love the shoes.

And we have a teepee on the side of our highway too in Castle Rock, odd.

AND! I too have a crack in my windshield. Stupid rocks.

That Chick Over There said...

I looooooooove the shoes too!

Lizarita said...

You sooooooo bought those shoes at Payless.
I sooooooo just bought the same pair a few weeks ago.
Don't you LOVE them???

Isabel said...

What a fun post. I love it!

(and yes, I do like your new shoes.)