Friday, February 09, 2007

My friend Jippy is trying to raise money. Her son has muliple disorders to include autism and mitochondrial disease. Go here for her blog or here. I have been trying to get the badge to show up in this post, but neither I nor my IT support (Mrs. CPA) can get it to work. It shows up in the preview, but then when I post, it isn't there. Gah.

Anyways, she is trying to raise money for the MAGIK clinic. The MAGIK clinic (Making Aches Go Away In Kids) serves 3,500 patients a year. Go here to read about it.

Southern California is a hell of a long way away from North Carolina, but if I can help one child in his treatment with a pain disorder, then it's worth it.

So go here to see the charity badge. Every little bit helps. And if anyone can help me getting the badge to display, that would be great too!


Michele_3 said...

I read Jippy's blog too!
I am going to try to see if I can get that badge on and I will let you know how if I succeed..
also will be donating as soon as I get a chance- Thanks for the head's up!
Take Care!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I'm always willing to throw $5 or $10 to a charitable cause.

Kids are kids no matter where they live ya know?

I'll have to read up on this tonight at home and donate.

Jennifer aka Jippy said...

You know what's amazing? It's that A Family Story is listed on Zachary Wins Again. It's the first link, I know what most people will think. They will think you are another family suffering with simliar troubles as Zach. You are not really in my village and I thought I would be kicked out of yours. But you didn't kick me out. You've been supportive and compasionate. You've kept a dream alive, you let me come here and exist in a normal world. You've offered help and I took it. You made that easy on me too. I am glad you are here, raising two lovely little people. Thank you for posting about me and Zachary. Thank you for sharing your friends with me.