Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mother's Day

To Whom It May Concern:

I want a new cell phone for Mother's Day.

No, I NEED a new cell phone for Mother's Day.

I need one that actually keeps a charge longer then thirty minutes. I need one that has a car charger since that is the only place I will remember to plug it in. I need one that is not the ghetto free one you received as a free phone because a really, really expensive one was purchased for yourself. I need one that takes pictures and has cool ring tones and looks a little better than the piece of crap one I have.

Yes, I know, you are going to say it's my fault that I have this one. My last phone was stolen from my van at a festival almost a year ago. Some thug smashed in the windows of the van and took it. Well, either that or I left the window rolled down just a little, or maybe all the way. Either way, it doesn't matter. It is not my fault that is was stolen. Nope, not at all.

You get all the cool new gadgets. I get hand me down cell phones and laptops. Oh, except I did get a new laptop, but still, it isn't half as cool as your laptop.

I know, I know, you need your precious phone and laptop for work and blah blah blah.

I need a new cell phone. For birthing your children. Remember Ashley's delivery? Three hours of pushing?

Nuff said.

Your Loving Wife (who will be much more loving if I get a new cell phone)

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CPA Mom said...

Hear hear! I only have the crappy free one too. But it has nothing to do with HP and everything to do with my miserlyness (I totally made up a word!)

After reading that, I'm not too happy with Ray. You did all the hard work with the kids, you need more than hand me downs. Duh.

Katie Swaner said...

If you get the free phone, keep it away fomr the kids! Anya corroded Rob's Mom's battery with her drool. Corroded! Who knew baby slobber was so dangerous? (She probably shouldn't have given it back to her after the first time it stopped working, but still)

Beccy said...

Hope you get your phone!

Lawyer Mama said...

You've got to work on that! In our house *I* have the cool laptop. Well, I guess I do have a crappy cell phone but my hubby has the same one. And his doesn't work unless it's on speakerphone because he lets the kids chew on it, play with it, drop it, toss it, you get the idea.

I'm really wanting one of those nifty Treo things. Hmmmm.... Maybe I'll steal your idea & do a post!

That Chick Over There said...


You know how it works in my house? I go buy myself one and say, "Don't you love this? I got it for me!"

Because that's how I roll.

Also? I'd never get it otherwise.

Portrait of Peter said...

May your dreams - be granted!!!

And after your 'mitigating' circumstances - who could possibly refuse you!!

Erin said...

Very subtle ;)

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Ok, me thinks we need a picture of said phone to verify that it is craptacular and in need of replacement.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

See...I can't relate to this..because my husband works in I have the cool gadgets..although it would be nice if he actually TAUGHT me how to use it.

However, mine would read something like..

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like some new t-shirts. Girly shirts because you cleaning out your closet and deciding that your "manly" shirts with dragons and sports stuff on them that no longer fit you and shouldn't go to waste..are not my idea of high fashion.


The Wife that lost her vision for 3 weeks and nearly died having your daughter.

Anonymous said...

Very subtle :)

I can't complain, either. He got a new kickin' phone and I said "Sweet. I likey." I then went and bought me a kickin' phone (only in a better color 'cause I'm a girl). I bought the Bluetooth in the same color as my phone and now HE'S hinting that he HAS to have one. Pfft.

Where was I going with this? Who knows. I hope you get your phone :)

my4kids said...

Amen! I need a new cell phone to! Mine does take pictures but its falling apart.

Unknown said...

If I could grant you a wish, it would be done! Lets hope hubby reads the blog!

We're lucky - one of my hubby's old roommates from college is a manager at a major cell phone place.

SJINCO said...

I hope you get that new cell phone!

la bellina mammina said...

he he..thanks for the tip aka the note. I can now do the same to GAP....;-) Hope your wish will be granted soon!

BS said...

My cell phone is soooooo very antique but I have no one to blame but myself - I bought it and am just too lazy to upgrade it. If it ain't broke - no need to fix it!!

Jennifer said...

I have the same deal with my sisters we go in on something and I get the getto freebie......and then they get the upgrade. What's up with that.

ChrisB said...

Fingers crossed you get your wish

Anvilcloud said...

We could use a new one too. Ours doesn't have a lot of range. We thought it was just the carrier, but, apparently, all phones are not created equal.