Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Disney Trip Updates

Saturday: The plan was for me and the girls to go to Chef Mickey's for breakfast, then Magic Kingdom, then meet Ray for dinner. Ray was in a conference all day, and he dropped me and the girls off at Chef Mickey's. We had a great breakfast and Audrey really loved seeing all the characters. Because the girls wanted to, we rode the Monorail around to Magic Kingdom instead of walking there. Once we got into the Magic Kingdom, we headed to a few rides where shockingly, there were hardly any rides. We walked right onto the carousel, the Winnie the Pooh ride, Dumbo, Mickey's Philharmagic, Goofy's roller coaster. It wasn't until around 1:00pm that the park started to get packed. We took water breaks and the girls were really, really good for me. We watched the parade at 3:00pm and as soon as it ended, Audrey fell asleep. I let her sleep for about 45 minutes, and then we woke her up to go on a few more rides before we left. We headed back to the room around 5:00pm and the girls and I had some tortellini in the room for dinner. Ray called and was headed back, so the girls and I walked to Downtown Disney (we were staying at Saratoga Springs and we were in the closest building to the walking path to Downtown Disney). We shopped some, and then we went back to the room and crashed.

The Good: The lighter crowds that morning, seeing the girls' faces when they saw Mickey for the first time on the trip.

The Bad: Bedtime. The girls were sleeping together in the living room, and getting them to leave each other alone was not fun. Tour Groups. Huge masses of people who all moved together in a big group and annoyed the crap out of me.

Sunday: The plan was for me and the girls to go to Hollywood Studios and meet Ray for dinner there. Ray headed off early to the conference, and the girls and I headed off to Hollywood Studios. They both wanted to see the High School Musical show, and I wanted to see the new Playhouse Disney show and ride the new Toy Story Ride. And I haven't mentioned it before, but yes, it was hot. It wasn't necessarily hotter than it is in North Carolina, but stick a couple thousand people together in one park, it was a little unbearable at times. We stuck it out at the park until around 1:00pm, but the girls wanted to go to the pool. We had lunch with the Little Einsteins and JoJo and Goliath from JoJo's Circus, and rode Toy Story with our Fast Passes, and headed back to the room. Audrey took a nap, then we suited up for the pool. Ray meet us there, and we played some and then once again crashed that night.

The Good: Ashley dancing at the High School Musical Show, the really cool Toy Story ride, Audrey going down the water slide at the pool, June writing Happy Birthday to Ashley in her autograph book.

The Bad: Tour groups (have I said that before?), being first in line for the Playhouse Disney show only to have them tell us it was having technical difficulties.

Monday: Ray was actually going to get to join us today, and today was Ashley's birthday. We started off her birthday with breakfast at the Polynesian Resort at Ohana. It was a character breakfast with Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto. They brought Ashley a cupcake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. Then we headed to Downtown Disney where we had an appointment to have Ashley get dressed up as Hannah Montana. She enjoyed that (and she should, it was $130 freaking dollars..), but she was supposed to get her picture taken, and she refused to do. No amount of bribing would convince her otherwise. We headed to Magic Kingdom where Ashley took off her wig and the hundreds of bobby pins that were holding her hair up. So it lasted less than an hour. At least she is still wearing the outfit. Ray was having a hard time in the heat that day at the park, and we stayed until around 5:00pm.

Once back at the room, the heat and the lack of sleep had caught up to Ashley and she was not being good. Ray and Audrey ended up walking to get some dinner while I stayed with Ashley who was in no shape to leave the room. I finally got her and myself calmed down, and we ate dinner and went to the store at our resort for some dessert.

The Good: Having the whole family together at the parks, Ashley receiving pins from cast members for her birthday.

The Bad: Ashley's temper tantrum, the heat

Tuesday (today, I am sorry it took me so long to update): We really didn't have a plan for today. We wanted to do a water park, but we decided to head to Epcot this morning and do a few things and then head to a water park this afternoon. Right now, we are making dinner and hoping it doesn't storm so we can go to a water park still. Ashley is walking around the room in her Hannah Montana costume, and Audrey just got up from her nap. We are thinking about getting up really early to drive back tomorrow. We shall see how that goes.


Mel said...

You are making me crave Disney! We are planning to go next spring with some friends and I can't wait. The new Toy Story ride looked pretty cool, how was it?

Brandi said...

Hope you guys make it to the waterpark. We didn't when we were there on sprig break. Have a safe drive home!

Lori said...

sounds like you are having a good time!

Pam said...

Well, all things considered, it seems like a good trip. I am sorry about the temper tantrum but I'm sure the heat and all the excitement, lack of sleep, etc played a part. Not that that makes it easier to deal with. Glad everything else seems to be going well!

Happy Working Mom said...

What a fun trip, despite the heat and the tour groups :)

I love how Disney treats people for their birthdays, so I'm sure Ashley had a blast!

Julie said...

I can't believe she wouldn't let you take her picture. Oh wait, I can - she's a 5 year old girl!!!

Daisy said...

Vacation tantrums are the worst, aren't they? No place to go, time wasted, and one exhausted and wrung out kiddo. I'm glad she settled for you eventually.