Sunday, July 13, 2008

A few tips needed...

These may seem completely unrelated and random. And they are, but I need some tips/advice/suggestions:

1. By the time I roll around to crawling into bed each night, I am so thirsty I normally pop open a can of diet coke. Probably not the best choice for drinks right before bed. Anyone have any good flavored water they like that is low in sugar and calories that might quench my nightime thirst?

2. Ashley has been putting her hair in her mouth lately and it is driving me NUTS. Besides shaving her head, any suggestion would be welcome.

3. Ashley seems to be getting on my very last nerve, but she has taken up growling at us. Punishments have been passed out repeatedly, and the growling is still happening. Maybe I should record it for you guys. And maybe growling isn't a good term, more like a grunt that she is totally and utterly pissed at us for making her doing something so mundane as to brush her teeth. Or possibly take a shower.

4. I need a few good keep the kids entertained in the car tricks. We are traveling to the happiest place on earth on Friday.


Anonymous said...

The drink thing? Try Crystal Light. No Sugar and either no calories or barely any.

The hair thing? Personally? I'd give the ol' "you keep doing that and I'm cutting your hair off" warning. Or, spray her hair with stuff for dogs that chew on shoes, etc: tastes nasty, won't hurt her. Wait. Holy crap, does that sound wrong. Never mind.

The growling thing? No help there. I have my own issue with trying to get my kid to stop saying "Sh*thead!"

You guys have gone to Disney enough by now you should be PROS at keeping the girls entertained :) Movies? Color? Benadryl so they sleep? Oh. Whoops. That slipped ;)

Sabrina said...

1. Drink Water. You don't need to drink caffeine before bedtime.

2. Tell her you're going to cut her hair off or shave it bald.

3. Growling = TIME OUT. This is the only way to break her out of it. Emily would scream everytime she didn't get a toy. We put her in time out every single day for a week. She doesn't scream anymore.

4. GO to Mom's minivan...there's a site full of games to download and play in the car for the long trip. Maybe if you checked out my disney blog once in a while, you'd know :P

Cat said...

1. Crystal Light or water or water with lemon in it or seltzer water with a splash of 100% fruit juice.

2. Let her pick some new pony tail holders and use them every day. Or show her the pictures of the girl's stomach that ate hair. Ick.

3. My son growls, it's a remnant from before he had words. For him, he's just too angry to find his words. So, we work to calm him down and then he's expected to use his words.

4. I saw on clearance at target magnetic license plate bingo. Magna Doodle. Etch a Sketch.

And the school bus? I am so not ready for that. I have 13 MONTHS to get my act together and I'm not feeling it.

Steph said...

We are living parallel lives...I too have the issue with the Diet Coke. And the hair chewing. And the growling. But not the house of happy - sniffle*sniffle. Oh well, at least I got some good tips here for the other *issues*! Have a great vacay! :)

Lost A Sock said...

Lipton Peach Flavored tea packets. They go in 20 ounces of water and are an addiction of mine. With ice, mmmmmmmm.

Can you do ponytails constantly with her until you drive the point home that she can't chew her hair? My mom hacked mine off when I was younger, haha.

Julie said...

Show her a picture of bald Brittney Spears and tell her that is what happens when you chew your hair! That ought to scare anyone! : )

Lori said...

I love peach propel... only 25 calories in the bottle and it's technically 2 servings

as far as the hair what about braiding it. that makes it shorter

the growling I say ignore for a bit and see if it goes away

as far as the car... what about books on cd, coloring, playing I spy, ummm ummm sorry mine aren't at this stage yet so I'm stumped

CPA Mom said...

I drink water all day long (and after workouts!) with either True Lemon, True Lime, True Orange, Crystal Light Red Tea (mandarin flavor) or Crystal Light White Tea (blueberry flavor). Totally thirst quenching.

Growling - ignore, ignore, ignore. No reaction and she will stop.

Travel - we totally depended on DVDs on the 7 hour trip to NJ. That's all that works for us! That and frequent breaks to run around, throw a football, etc.

3XMom said...

My DD is not just chewing hair, but ties from dresses, her sleeve, etc. It is so gross. Love to figure out how to stop it (other than screeching - get that out of your mouth righ now - every 10 seconds).

Congrats on your trip- can't wait to hear how it goes. We are taking our girls in Nov, but flying. I second the dvd recommendation - using those little tables you can strap around their waists helps too to let them color and such. good luck!

Jaki said...

Aquafina Flavor Waters - Mixed Berry is my favorite.

If you come up with an idea for the hair thing that can apply to fingers also let me know.

Jeremy does the same grunting thing when he doesn't like my answer or if he has to do something he does not want to or when he gets frustrated. I didn't like it at first but then figured out that he got it from his father! I like it better than the wining and the crying and it is his way of letting out his frustration.

For the car...get the Leapfrog Tag reading is so cool! Also the leapster 2 is really cool too! I just got that for Jeremy and will give it to him on our plane ride to Seattle in August. I have been playing with it when he is not around to learn how to use it so I can help him when I give it too him.

Have fun going to Disney! I am so jealous! I can't wait to take Jeremy.

Kelly said...

I also am a big fan of crystal light...the ice tea is my favorite...also I like the walmart flavored waters. They have the fizz like a soda but not the caffenine...

As for the hair thing..I really have no idea...keep it pulled back in a pony tail??

The grunting...I got nothing..sorry! Maybe threaten to put soap in her mouth everytime she does it?? That maybe too much..heck I have no idea...Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I'll only be of help for #1...

Don't use Crystal Light, whatever you do. You don't need the chemicals. (or those in diet coke! Yes, I'm lecturing you.) If you can't stomach just water, how about a jug of water with some slices of lemon and frozen strawberries kept in your fridge? We do that and my son loves it! He calls it "special water."

emily said...

Fresca Peach... no calories, in a can like a soda, no caffeine. Love it :) I found it looking for a nighttime drink that wasn't diet coke :)