Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A few weeks ago, we were given a $30 giftcard to Gamestop via Mom Central to spend as we wished and to let everyone know about our experience. And since we have a Wii, we thought it would be great to go get a new game.
So off we went. There are actually a few Gamestop stores in our area, including one even in our town, but we were venturing off to a mall since we had a few other places to hit as well. The games were organized well in the store and we quickly found the Wii wall of games. Ray gravitated towards Tiger Woods golf and Ashley found her idol, a Hannah Montana game.

Yes, there is a Hannah Montana game for the Wii. Ray quietly gave up his golf game and off we went. At home, Ashley was excited to play it, even though it was a little too old for her. It is basically a game where you do dance moves using the controllers and arm movements. And I won't tell you how Ray and I stayed up late that night playing it, and the next night, and the next. And then Ashley's friend from across the street was over the other day, and her Dad played it as well.

It's addictive, that's all I got to say.

So yes, our experience with Gamestop went well, and I would visit again to get another game for our Wii.


Sabrina said...

We bought a WII 3 weeks ago. We already know where every single Gamestop is in all three towns. We're addicts.

I can't believe you were dancing to Hannah Montanna. Next time, take pictures coz I've got some Hannah MOntanna paper I could sell for it would make an awesome layout for you to show us next time we get together...

Laura said...

We love our new wii - my 3 year old is some kind of savant in bowling!

Sounds like a gift well selected.

I love how hubby and I stay up playing wii at night...a whole new way to, um, connect!

stewbie2 said...

Confession: I play the Hannah Montana game more than my girls.