Monday, September 15, 2008

Here I am, posting late again...

This weekend was kind of crazy. It started off with Ashley's pep rally for cheerleading, and ended with me getting back from Virginia at 11:30 last night.

I need a nap.

Friday night was Ashley's pep rally, which she enjoyed. They announced all the cheerleaders and they got to do a cheer. Saturday morning we had a friend take pictures of us at a local park. I am extremely excited to see these...there were moments when both the girls were doing something that I knew would make a great candid shot. Then Ashley cheered at a football game, and we came home to watch the end of the VT football game.

Sunday morning Ashley and I left for Virginia at 8:00am with my friend Wendy. The purpose of the trip was to drop Ashley off at the grandparents and for Wendy to do a CAbi party for my Mom (CAbi is an at home business, clothes). Dropped Ashley off at my Dad and Stepmom's house, ate a quick lunch, said a quick hello to my brother and his wife, and off we were to set up for the party. The party was at 3:00pm, finished around 6:00pm, went to dinner at the World's Slowest Cracker Barrel, rolled out of there at 8:00pm, pulled into my driveway at 11:30pm, completely exhausted.

Ray is going back to Virginia on Wednesday to get Ashley from his parents. I talked to her today and of course she was having a blast with my Stepmom and was looking forward to her cousin coming over to play who just turned four.

And yes, we did cancel Audrey's procedure for tomorrow. She was supposed to have a catheter and ultrasound and lots of things I didn't want to put her through. One of the doctor's in the pediatrician's office called me on Friday afternoon. Since she didn't have a fever with the UTI she had in July, he told me he wouldn't have it done for his kids. That was enough for us, and we cancelled the procedure. Most likely she just got "germy" (as he put it) from the lake and pool she had swam in, and she will most likely not have another one. Whew.

So GAH! Crazy weekend, even crazier week...girl scout meeting, band concert, cheerleading, gymnastics (intro class for Audrey to see if she likes it), and Friday night/Saturday morning at 2:00am, we are leaving for Disney. So at some point I have to pack. GAH!


Lori said...

glad you got an answer from a doctor, and you all don't have to endure the ultrasound and all that was going to come with it.

get out your shorts and sun block... it's been hot here lately... feeling like it's in the high 90s and as high as 100 with the dew point and all that fun stuff

Brandi said...

What a weekend! Can't wait to see the are gonna share right?! LOL

Pamela said...

I'm glad the Doctor helped you make a decision.

(Maybe you can introduce her to cranberry-grape juice and be proactive ..)

Happy Working Mom said...

You are so busy! I'm so tired just reading about everything you're doing!

Have a good week...I'm sure it's nice to only have one child for a few days! And good luck trying to find time to pack!

Frannie said...

wow! that is really busy!

I am working on our Disney plans a lot right now!

so glad that the doc talked with you.

Julie said...

Dang, you are one busy chickie!

SJINCO said...

All that and you STILL have time to post, impressive if I may say so myself!

Hope things slow down for you soon.