Monday, September 08, 2008

I have no idea what to title this post...

Ray and some guys on our street went to Myrtle this past weekend for a guys golf weekend. Yes, during Tropical Storm Hanna. Fortunately, they escaped much of the rain as the storm made landfall at night, so they did get some golf in.

So I was home with the girls, which is fine. Except that Saturday I was stuck in the house. It was raining that morning from the storm and we really didn't have anywhere to go. The only problem is I don't do well with being in the house all day. I need to get out, even if it is just to the grocery store. The girls liked hanging out at home, but unfortunately by nap time, I had become not so nice. The girls were fighting, I yelled at Ashley and immediately felt guilty.

So I put myself in timeout. I laid down with Audrey to get her to take a nap, and ended up sleeping as well. Ashley played in her room and came and woke me up when she was done playing. And I was a much nicer mom after my little nap. Audrey continued napping for about 2 hours, and we went to a neighbor's house for dinner and playtime.

I just hate getting to that point where I yell. Hate it. Although I will say this, the first few weeks Ashley was in school, she was a nightmare at bedtime. Ray and I worked really hard to stay calm and just let her have her tantrums and let her work through it, and it has worked. She has settled into the whole school thing, and there is much less fighting and crying at bedtime. I just need to work on losing my cool and yelling too, even if it only happens a few times a year, I don't want it to happen at all.

And now of course she is out of school for three weeks due to the year round schedule. This morning I dropped her off at the YMCA for their track out camp. She seemed a little nervous with the whole thing, but I think once she sees some of her friends, she'll be okay. And then of course Audrey had to be pried off of me by her teacher at school. Some days she is fine with drop off, other times she isn't.


CPA Mom said...

me and the kiddos were also stuck inside all day Saturday. I also yelled way too much (once is too much for me in the first place). Ugh! I hate feeling like this.

Julie said...

I hear you. We were inside most of Saturday too - except for gymnastics class in the morning. I need to get out and so do the kids.

Lori said...

I'm home everday with my boys, but on those days when I can't get out I too feel trapped. Hope the girls have good days today

Laura said...

A good title would be "Being a normal mom" we can all loose our cool...but sounds like you handled it perfectly. I opten give myself time outs...and I LOVE the ones associated with naps!

Hope camp goes well.


"J" said...

I think naps do us all good!!! lol

I know there are times I need naps and I don't have kids! Like on the weekends when we work our BUTTS off on the house...I just need a break to rest!!! My body can't keep going and going like the guys! Their body is use to it! I need to sit, take a break or nap!!!! lol If I don't I turn into evil Jeannie! lol Just ask Mr. "S"! HA!