Monday, February 23, 2009

Again, with the randomness...

I think I am highly addicted to caffeine. Meaning that if I don't get my morning dose, a huge headache ensues and I am worthless the rest of the day. I can also drink diet coke in the evening, and it will have no effect on me falling asleep (unless I have three of them, then it will).

We cut off our home phone in order to save money. As in $50 a month in savings. Now we just have our cell phones.

We also cut off the DVR box in the family room. We really only DVR (or tivo) shows in our bedroom. We have Disney on Demand for the girls now on the television in the family room. Which of course is not working yet (damn Time Warner Cable) but will, when working, save us money as well.

I am very happy that there is finally some stuff on tv for me to watch - American Idol, Amazing Race, Lost. Of course that cuts in to my lack of doing my 30 Day Shred DVD, but hey, I am only human.


That Chick Over There said...

I'm trying to wean myself from the caffiene and it's not going well. Mostly because I'm can't sleep at NIGHT and have to have something to keep me awake during the DAY.


WorkingMom said...

I tried cold turkey once on the caffeine - I now consider it a torture tactic! A few years ago, DH was told to cut back/out the caffeine, so we tried the weaning approach by mixing decaf and caf coffee in the home pot. Sub one scoop of decaf the first week, two the next week, and so on. It does work, and you avoid the throbbing headache!

We cut cable back to basic 4 years ago (basic is only $11 a month). We get DVDs (movies & series) from the library and Netflix, and watch other stuff on Hulu. We also cut the home phone back - local only is $19/month with no extras like Caller ID, and with medical issues in the house, we have to have a phone line). We don't have anything extra on the cell phones. Next is the home garden...

SJINCO said...

I think I have issues with caffeine too at least where headaches are concerned. Either that or my headaches are completely hormonal. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but regardless they suck.

I watch American Idol too. And the Amazing Race sometimes. And Survivor. And well, you know about my current love affair I've got going on with the 30 Day Shred. Me and Jillian are BFF's!

Pamela said...

it is more than caffeine.
There is the smell, the anticipation of pouring the first cup, holding the hot brew in your hands and warming your fingers, watching the creamer swirl and change the color, and feeling the brim of your favorite cup brush your lip.

Oh yes. The caffeing is good -- but it's a ritual!