Friday, February 27, 2009

I am going to blame the weather.

I just can't seem to get in a groove lately. I have started stuff and not completed it (hello 30 Day Shred DVD that I did a total of 2 days). I have emails piled up to attend to. I finally got off my butt and registered Ashley for a Girl Scout Camp while she is out of school in June.

And I think the weather is to blame. Yesterday, sort of nice, today supposedly high in the 70s. Monday? There is snow in the forecast. GAH! I can't take it. I need Mother Nature to make up it's mind - either it's spring or it's winter. Screw the damn groundhog.

So no pictures today. Have a good weekend and wish some warm weather my way so I can get out of my funk.


WorkingMom said...

Same here. The month's too short, plus we had a school vacation in the middle of it. Nothing to throw your groove off like a houseful of kids with weather that isn't cooperating!

Laura said...

Funny - lots of people - me included - are really feeling this winter blues - just cannot get going! hang in there - spring will get here sooner or later!

SJINCO said...

Well I can say this: at least your weathermen forcast the weather correctly (being that it's Monday and you have your snow they were calling for....)!

I can't seem to find my groove these days either. But I think I'm just overwhelmed with life in general. When I'm overwhelmed NOTHING gets done until I snap out of it. So we'll see - I'm hanging in there and giving it my best.

Hope you had a good weekend!