Monday, February 02, 2009

We May Be Slightly Addicted To Our iPhones...

So last night, we got home from our neighbor's Superbowl party around 7:30 (Audrey was melting down and they both have school today, so we knew we weren't going to stay late), got the kids in bed and asleep, and we settled in our bed to watch the end of the Super Bowl.

And then our freaking cable box rebooted itself. Damn Time Warner Cable.

So we had about 10 minutes to kill waiting for the cable box to come back on, so what did we do? Ray grabbed his iPhone (he keeps his on the night stand and uses it as his alarm clock) and we searched for the Superbowl commercials on You Tube.

And now Ashley wants a iPod Touch for her birthday in July. She is crazy if she thinks I am buying her one. I have downloaded games that she can play on my iPhone, as well as letting her watch videos on it in a crunch. So now she wants one of her own, just "without the phone part" as she says, since she doesn't need the phone.

That will come in time, I am sure.


Pamela said...

(who? me!)

Anonymous said...

Oh I hear ya! One of the biggest mistakes I made was showing the kids the games I have on my phone (not an iPhone) and that they can watch movies on my iPod in a pinch :-) They are SOOOO not getting their own! Unless they can charm the pants off of any one of the 6 grandparents they have :-)

Martha said...

I am absolutely addicted to mine.

SJINCO said...

Okay so I don't have an iPhone, but I do have the Samsung Omnia and I love it just as much as I'd love an iPhone. My kids like it too, they always want to play games on it.

They do have mp3 players though, and they are happy with them so far!