Friday, August 21, 2009

I am pathetic and have no pictures this Friday

Sorry. I wasn't thinking of posting pictures like I normally do on Fridays. If I could find a picture of a dead possum, I would post it because that's what I ran over with Ray's car last night on the way home from the gym. The poor guy (or girl, but my gut tells me it was a guy and his name was Fred) had no chance. I thought it was a paper bag in the road until I was right up on it and then thunk, thunk and I ran over the sucker.

One less possum in the world, I guess.

The other thing about the gym/running/training to run 13.1 miles that seems impossible considering how hard it was to run 3 miles at the gym last night? I realized the brand new running shoes I bought on sale at Kohl's and threw away the box and receipt are hurting my right foot. As in rubbing a scab right below my ankle. Now what the hell do I do? I guess I am going to go back to using my old shoes for the time being. That or hack up my new shoes to make them not rub my foot. Which I will have to do tonight because according to my training schedule, I am on for a 4 mile run in the morning, which I have done and it can be done, but not with a shoe that hurts my foot.

So Happy Friday everyone. Thank God the weekend is almost here.


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to learn how to run. I'm not doing very well :( To run 3+ miles? What is this sweetness you speak of?!

Unknown said...

Weekends are good for something, right? Just found your blog and enjoyed it!

Pamela said...

break them in slowly...??? I was just telling a friend that it didn't bother me to see a dead possum on the side of the road.. BUT, I didn't want to be the one to hit it.

so sorry you squished it.