Monday, August 24, 2009


I had one of those off weekends (had a horrible 3 mile run on Saturday where I actually questioned my sanity on this whole running thing) where now it makes my Monday feel blah and I let things bug me too much (like being second-guessed at work).

So instead of regaling you with details of my weekend, let's discuss my zodiac sign. Because that is way more interesting.

According to the internet, traits of a Libra:

• Balanced - um, I guess in that my right side is just like my left
• Loving - yes
• Loyal - yes
• Romantic - I have no idea, ask Ray
• Charming - this would not be a word I would use to describe me, but it sounds nice
• Stubborn - an astounding yes, once again, ask Ray
• Indecisive - ditto from above, this should actually be my middle name (more on this later)
• Dresses up for the occasion - why yes, I do like to dress up
• Slight perfectionist - um, maybe?
• Charitable - sure
• Bossy at times - my kids would absolutely say yes
• Plans ahead - yup, just check my monthly meal planning schedule
• Attention to detail - I am an accountant
• Loves public service - I do like to volunteer, hence the whole Girl Scout Troop leader thing

Libra Greatest Strength: Your grace and charm when helping others (once again, this charm thing, not sure)

Libra Possible Weakness: Forgetting to take care of your own needs (I do shower every day, that counts)

MENTAL ATTITUDE: (I think this is the funny one, although probably not too funny for Ray)

You are a levelheaded person. With your fruitful imagination and intellectual capacity you successfully win over the hearts. On the negative side, you are a nagger. You may have negative thoughts and often this may leads to strong depressions.

Yes, I nag. I call and remind Ray of things multiple times.

I found this information on a site about Libra's dark side:
Libra Insecurity
Insecurity comes from two root causes -- a desire to please others and a general low opinion of oneself. When these two causes combine, the result is someone who is a "people pleaser," who is only happy when others are happy.

I don't think it's that bad that I would rather see my kids/family/friends happy...

Libra Indecisiveness
Indecisiveness can have multiple causes, one of which is a lack of reliance in one's own abilities. Another is a fear of failure of disappointing others. The best way to combat these fears would be to be more ambitious and make even more choices.

My indecisiveness drives Ray nuts. Just deciding on a dinner place between the two of us can get a little crazy. Maybe I should plan those ahead too.


Laura said...

Your comment on insecurity really hit a cord with me...

Hang in there!

Cheering for you!

That Chick Over There said...

Fellow Libra! Totally agree with this!!!

Pamela said...

I'm a Libra....
I'm going to let my husband read it and see what he has to say