Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Sometimes it takes me a few weeks to get pictures off my camera. And by then I have forgotten what is on there, like this gem of Audrey:

Not sure what she's doing...

And then I will find random pictures of people's houses. Even though Ray thought that this camera I bought 2 years ago was a big waste of my bonus money from my prior employer, he sure seems to like to use it to take pictures. Huh.

And then, I find ones like the next one. One I didn't take, one I missed out on when I was in Chicago. Another *real* gem of Audrey.

Sometimes it pays to get the pictures off my camera.


Pamela said...

You've got me laughing in the dark on that first shot.

Looks like she's ready to shoot off the end of the slide.

SJINCO said...

Ha! Good catch on the first shot! Really, what IS she doing?