Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pope Joan

It's hard to believe, but I actually do find time every once in a while to read. After devouring all four Twilight Series books back in January, I kind of took a break. I thoroughly enjoyed the books, and was afraid the next thing I read would just not do it for me.

And then I joined a book club with a neighbor of mine (the same one I run with). I was interested in this book club (there are others in my neighborhood) because it was going to be small, only meet every other month, and they actually stressed the fact that we would actually talk about the book. I am guessing the "other" book club in my neighborhood does not talk about the book much.

The woman who started it I did not know, but her oldest daughter is a first grader as well at Ashley's school, and she lives on the street behind my house. She gave us two choices for the book, and I didn't like either choice at the time. The group ended up choosing Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross. I took the book with me on our trip to the beach at the end of June, thinking that I would have to struggle through it.

But I didn't. I actually couldn't put the book down. I am pretty sure I had never read a historical fiction before, but this one was really good. The best part? The author called us last night at our book club meeting and discussed the book, the upcoming movie, and answered questions for over an hour. Pretty impressive, I think.

So if you are looking for something new to read, definitely check this book out.


Jessie said...

I LOVE that book! I felt the same way when I first saw it - I thought it would take me forever to get through and be boring, but I couldn't put it down. Even my not normally a reader of books husband loved it and finished it within a month. Glad you liked it too!

Unknown said...

Hi, Amy and Jessie!

Donna here (author of Pope Joan). So glad to learn that though you both thought the book might be "boring", you actually enjoyed it--for I worked hard to make it a "page-turner"!

I have a daughter--and I had her very much in mind as I wrote this novel, for Joan's story of female empowerment through learning is inspirational for young women.

Please let your friends know that if they're going to buy the book, they should do it before August 9th, for that will give them a chance to attend the movie premiere with me (http://popejoan.com/2009promo.htm).

Thanks to both of you for the kind words--especially heartening as I am fighting hard to make sure the movie version of Pope Joan has the widest possible opening in the U.S!

Yours with appreciation,


Pamela said...

the author called. wow!

Pamela said...

the author commented!

WOWSER. ha ha