Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Audrey does not have the best sleep habits, and yes, it is completely my fault. So I am not here to complain, just inform so that when she crawls into bed with you at 4:00am when you are staying at my house (this is noted to all the Grandparents), you won't be surprised.

She is in this vicious cycle of napping at school, then not being tired until 10pm, then calling for me any time between 4 and 5am. At that point I pull her into bed with me. I do this because I only have so many more years (actually probably months) before she is too big to actually fall back asleep on me, as she does every single night. And I am lazy. I want to go back to my bed since at this point in the night, Ray's alarm is going off within minutes sometimes and mine is close behind at 5:55am.

On the weekends, she goes to bed much easier without a nap, but she still will wake up and call for me. Saturday morning, I noticed when I went into her room at 4am, that her door was open. It was not open when I went to bed. So that morning when we were all coherent, I asked her why her door was open.

She explained that she came down to our room to see if we were asleep, then went back to bed to call for me.

Yea, seems pretty crazy to me, so I asked her why she didn't just come to our bed and climb in and wake us up.

Her answer?

"Because crap would come out of you."

Seriously, I can't make this up.

I guess one night she did do that and I told her she scared the crap out of me, hence why she is afraid of doing that again.


Jaki said...

Love your story! You should do what I do...just have her sleep with you from the start of the night! Then you go to sleep and have uninteruppted sleep, glorious sleep, straight through the night until your alarm so rudley wakes you up in the morning! I don't think...actually I know...Jeremy has no idea he has his own room!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE what kids her (and Morgan) age remember and the context they use it.

Not getting all up in your business, but....when my nephew was around this age, my sister struggled with the same thing. We got a regular wall/kitchen clock (think dollar store? No need to spend a ton of $$), took the face off and colored the section from 4am to 6:30am red. Dylan knew if he woke up and the hands of the clock were in that section, it was NOT time to be up. At first, my sister would hear him at 4:45am playing in his room, but she didn't care. He was in there, not in her bed. Then, it would be 5:30 she'd hear him. Pretty soon, the kid was not only staying in his bed/room, he was sleeping until 7:15/7:30.

Sorry to offer assvice when you weren't looking for any. Maybe it won't work with Audrey, maybe it will. One can hope, right? :)

LMC said...

Your story made me laugh! :) Kids remember everything and often they even get the context right.
Good luck sleeping!