Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Small Town Feel

I love the town we live in - everything is close (schools, dance studios, sport fields, parks, library, farmer's market) and yet we are still close to the "big" city of Raleigh. (Yes, I think it is funny that people think Raleigh is big considering Ray and I came from just outside of Washington DC).

And last night was the perfect example of a benefit of living in a town like ours. Next week is National Girl Scout Week, and Ashley's troop wrote the mayor a letter asking him to declare this for our town. He not only accepted, but he invited us to the town meeting last night and made the proclamation in front of the girls. The girls thought it was cool, and they will be on tv (we have a tv station for our town) as well as in the local newspaper. My only regret was not bringing the mayor a box of Girl Scout cookies!

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