Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Roundup...

Sorry for all of you hit with snow and such this past weekend, we had 80 degrees here on Saturday. The neighbors even had their slip-n-slides out, it was that warm.

Saturday was my last long run before the half marathon this coming Saturday. I did okay, had some goal pace miles in there, but the hills in my neighborhood killed me at the end. Not a good sign since the elevation of my half on Saturday is ALL HILLS ALL THE TIME. I would like to say I could beat my old half marathon time, but I am not even going to set that goal. I just want to finish.

Saturday the girls also left with my Mom and Stepdad to stay at their house in Myrtle Beach for a few days. Audrey could really care less about us leaving; Ashley is homesick. I think she is okay during the day, but at night she is crying and wanting me or Ray. So my Mom is letting her sleep with her (and of course Audrey ends up in their bed at some point too). Yes, you would think it would be the opposite, that the younger one would have issues. Maybe Ashley just understands more of how long she is gone? I don't know.

Sunday I got up bright and early, picked up a friend, and went to spectate the Tobacco Road Full and Half Marathon. I knew a few people from the blogging world that were running it as well as another friend, and I was looking forward to actually watching a race. I made the sign "Chafe now, Brag later" and received many compliments on my sign! I also downloaded a cowbell app for my iPhone (yes, there is an app for everything) and used that too.

Our plan was to see our friend Tracy at mile 4, 7/9 (it was an out and back section) and the end. We got stopped at mile 3 and couldn't go any further, so we saw her a little earlier than planned, but it worked. Then we headed over to mile 7/9 and saw her there (as well as LMC who saw me and said hi!) and then headed to the finish. Tracy beat her last half marathon time by more than 12 minutes, so she was happy.

I am actually pretty nervous for my race next Saturday. Not sure how I will do and I just don't want to come in last. I don't want to let down my friend who is running it with me. I don't know what I should wear (lows in the 40s, highs in the 60s) and I don't know if I should wear my fuel belt or not. GAH! I do know I look forward to seeing Ray and the girls at the finish line no matter how long it takes me to finish....


SJINCO said...

Good luck on your upcoming race, you'll do fine, I know it!

I'm still lagging in my training...which translates to: I haven't even started. I twisted my ankle a few weeks ago and it's still giving me problems, so we'll see.

Oh and we had snow on Friday, but by Saturday? It was gone. I even got a sunburn while out geocaching. YEA!

Ann said...

Good luck at RR! I know you will do well.

I wore my fuel belt for my Half. I used Gu Chomps along the way and wanted to be able to hydrate whenever I wanted. I didn't want to wait for water stops. I also never used Gatorade during training and had no idea what it would do to my stomach. Take your fuel belt if you think you will be more comfortable knowing you have what you are used to for hydration/fuel.

As far as clothes. Do you have some old clothes you can shed along the course that you won't care about losing? If not, I would say dress for the 60's. I would rather be cold than hot, but that's just me.

Pamela said...

cowbells... I never quite understood their significance. But, my grandson has an original from the "old world" that his other grandfather gave him ---

LMC said...

Hi Amy,
It was pretty cool to see you at TRM. I recognized your sign! It was great!! I was hoping to see you again on the way back, but I could not remember exactly where I saw, so I think I had passed you by the time I started looking for you again. Oh, well. Maybe we'll meet up at another local race or for a weekend run. Your friend Tracy did great, taking 12 minutes off her time!
If you have trained with a fuel belt then wear it for the race. I agree with Ann about dressing for 60. I've learned the hard way that getting over heated makes for a bad race. You have great incentive (Ray and the girls) to finish strong! You'll do great!