Monday, April 05, 2010

All Grown Up

Since my office was closed on Friday and the girls did not have school, we decided at the last minute to head to Myrtle Beach for the holiday weekend. Warm weather was on tap, and we did actually get some beach time in.

The other exciting thing?

Both girls got their ears pierced.

Audrey came home from preschool on Thursday saying she wanted her ears pierced. And a note - Audrey has my threshold of pain, pretty high. Ashley - her threshold of pain is like Ray's, meaning it's nonexistent. Seriously. We told Audrey she could get it done, and Ashley said she wasn't interested.

And then Ashley waffled up until the last minute, at which I think she realized if her sister could do it, so could she.

Ignore the face painting.

Ashley didn't even cry, while Audrey cried long enough for them to give her a lollipop, then she was fine. And Ray was in charge of taking photos, so he's to blame for none of Audrey on my iPhone. Both girls sat in my lap for the "procedure", so I could not take pictures.


LMC said...

Sorry, I could not ignore the face painting. It's sooo cute! Sounds like you had a nice weekend at the beach, piercings and all. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I can't BELIEVE how grown up Ashley looks! Love her hair!

I got my ears pierced the first time when I was Audrey's age. Morgan hasn't said anything about it--yet :)

WorkingMom said...

Wow, Ashley looks all grown up! I'm so jealous of the weekend getaway - sounds like you had a great time!

Pamela said...

I was like 34 years old when I finally was brave enough. I figured if I could survive natural childbirth, I could survive ear piercing. Just barely.