Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If I had a million dollars

The kids' guilty pleasure is to watch America's Funniest Home Videos on Sunday nights. They crack up at that show (and that show solidifies my fears of my neighbor's trampoline that doesn't have enclosures). Sunday night's show gave the winner $100,000. I asked Ashley want she would do with that money, and she said she would become a pop star. Evidently she thinks you can buy your way onto Radio Disney. Forget talent (although some of those Disney stars do not have talent, just saying).

What I would do with $100,000, taking out the need to pay off a home or cars or send the kids to college?

  • Go to a personal trainer regularly.
  • Run a race every month of the year in various parts of the country. Should probably hire a running coach for all these races so I don't injure myself again.
  • Go to Disney Land in California with the family. Go to Disney World for a 2 week vacation with the family. What, are you shocked?
  • Buy every cooking gadget I want.
  • Buy one of those running skirts (I just can't spend $48 on something I run in, shoes, yes, but a skirt? Can't do it. Yes, I am cheap.) in every color.

And that would probably be all the money.


Jaki said...

Fun to imagine what to do if $$$ fell in our laps! I would adopt Brady from the Ukraine...

LMC said...

I'm right there with you on the personal trainer, a coach, lots of running skirts and traveling around to different places just to run in the local races. I could learn to live like that!!

SJINCO said...

Oh I agree with you on hiring a personal trainer. I'd totally do that if I had a million dollars just laying around. I'd also probably do a bunch of stuff to my house (like decorate) and maybe, just maybe buy a new wardrobe complete with shoes and accessories. Cause you know with the personal trainer and all, I'd need it all - right?

It's nice to dream. Maybe I should just put it all away for the kids college fund.... *sigh*

The Independent Rage said...

You could buy approximately 10,000 copies of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD with the Hot Diggity Dog song (officially titled "Hot Dog Song") at the end. That song does really grow on a person, even adults.

Pamela said...

curious as to what you would have spent it on BEFORE you became interested in running.