Friday, April 09, 2010

Psycho parent

Tomorrow Ashley is taking part in a duathlon (of which I have a hard time pronouncing for some reason...) where she will run for 1/2 mile, bike 2 miles, run 1/2 mile. Originally, Ray was going to be allowed to accompany her on his bike during her bike portion. Well, now they are saying parents are not allowed to ride along as they don't want the course too crowded. Which is fine and all, but I am a worried parent and not that I don't think Ashley can handle the bike portion, I am just afraid of her falling or getting lost.

Because I like to worry.

So I emailed the race director, and Ashley can be escorted by a race volunteer if I think she needs it. I am going to drive the bike course tonight (it is a one mile loop that she has to do twice) and see if it is hard or hilly. And I may position Ray or his brother on the far part of the bike portion just in case.

Because I am psycho.

I plan on taking tons of pictures of Ashley's first duathlon, but it's not her first race. She has already done a mile run, and she is going to do the Race for the Cure in June with me. And she seems to think she will run the entire 3.2 miles. I think she needs to start training. We might start going to the track one night a week for her to train and for me to get some speed work in. I royally failed a "tempo run" this week where you warm up, push the pace for a few miles, and warm down. I thought I had picked up the pace and when my Garmin beeped at mile 2 and let me know I was actually running the same exact pace, I was pretty pissed. And defeated. I guess I will try again.

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LMC said...

That's pretty cool that your daughter is participating in a duathlon. I would worry too, but she'll be fine. Maybe you can run the path along side her as she rides her bike.:)
I like your idea about going to the track once a week. It really does improve your speed. Don't give up on the tempo runs. You'll get better with each one. Have a great weekend! (PS, thanks for the vote of confidence on my running plans.)