Friday, July 16, 2010

I am not flexible

Last night I did the P90X Yoga DVD. Well, okay, I didn't do the whole hour and 32 minutes of it. I had children that decided 8:00pm was not a good bedtime and continually called me to their rooms. I think I did about 45 minutes.

And I am sore today in my upper body - my back, weird spots on my arms, core. And really, I am so not flexible. I know that and accept that. I will never be able to bend over and touch my toes.

I was going to get up and do the Ab Ripper DVD prior to work, but I slept all night on about a 2 inch patch of my bed due to the fact the sleepless children decided that the only way they were going to sleep last night was in our bed. So it was me, Ray, Ashley, Audrey, and Tootles. Audrey is the type of sleeper that you scoot over to get away from her, she just scoots closer. So I continually lost prime bed real estate all night long. And really, I should of just gotten up and gone in the guest room, but that would have been too much effort. And then about 5:59am (right before my alarm was going to go off), Tootles fell off the bed. She was fine, but it was funny. Poor dog.

So tonight, ab DVD to keep my 30 day challenge to myself alive. Then running in the morning with my blogging friend Ann at the Tobacco Trail tomorrow morning. She has 12 on her schedule, I am going to try and hang on for 8 miles. I haven't done anything over 5.5 miles in over a month. I really need to build back my endurance for the long runs. I am about a month out from starting my half marathon training for OBX.

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Pocklock said...

The P90X yoga is INTENSE, right? I used to keep getting dizzy and falling over. I think I was holding my breath! I'm enjoy the break/excuse of "growing a baby" for now, but I plan to get right back on it in December.