Monday, November 01, 2010


Last weekend, Ray spent 5 days in Vegas for a friend's 40th birthday (which I have now been informed of is an annual trip considering it's 5 years before Ray's turns 40...). So this weekend it was the wives' turn for their trip. So 4 of us headed to Boston on Thursday morning - 3 of us from Raleigh and one of us from Texas.

I was the only one that had been to Boston before, and I had actually been twice - once with my Dad and once with Ray and another couple when Ashley was little. We saw the sights, ate amazing Italian food twice, and there were no kids to fight over who got to push the button to the elevator first. The only slightly bad thing about the weekend was the weather was cold on Friday and Saturday. I don't do well with cold. I admit it, I am a wimp.

I also had 12 miles on the schedule for my long run and Boston is an amazing place to run. My friend and I headed about 4 blocks from our hotel Friday morning to the Charles River trail, a wide paved path that goes for miles around the river along the city. The main thing? It was FLAT. I never get to run on flat here. It was my fastest 12 miles ever thanks to the flat and my speedy friend.

We made it back in time for Halloween festivities and then I promptly fell asleep at 8:30pm. 14 days until my half marathon, 110 days until the full marathon....let the countdown begin.

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