Monday, January 31, 2011


This is what Ashley wore OUTSIDE yesterday. No, I am totally not bragging to my family and friends who live in colder climates. This is the reason we moved to Raleigh...70 degree days that appear randomly in January (our average temp for this time of year is supposed to be 50s).

Ashley got to enjoy the weather, Audrey didn't due to strep throat. She did get outside some, but was tired pretty quickly. She is on meds and was fine this morning.

This week starts my 2 week taper until the marathon. I did my last 20 miler on Saturday with another big thanks to Carmen. I got up early and did 9 miles in my town and then met her and her running crew for 11 miles in a neighboring town. It was nice for good conversation and a change in scenery. And the coffee Carmen bought me afterwards! Thanks again!!

And no, I don't feel ready for the marathon. I am not sure I ever will. I feel like I need to drop 5 pounds, run a few more 20 milers, and drink water from now until February 20th; then maybe I will feel ready. But for now I have 2 weeks of taper to do...less mileage after my highest mileage month EVER....over 100 miles run in January.


Carmen said...

It was my absolute pleasure to run with you! I will be cheering you on via Myrtle Beach and can't wait to see and touch your medal and hear all about it.

Happy Working Mom said...

So very jelous as I set here in my house with no power and it's 20 degrees outside :(