Tuesday, January 18, 2011

She's Five...

There are a few things that mark your 5th year, memories of some things that make me and your Dad laugh out loud sometimes.

You love to perform, whether it's singing at school, dancing in ballet class, doing all of the cheers your sister learned this past year. Your eyes shine and your face lights up.
And then there's your absolute fear of some things, like when we "made" you go on the Tower of Terror at Disney World, or just this simple kid ride at the fair....
One second you are terrified, the next, you are all smiles. It is hilarious.

You love our dog Tootles, you love snuggling with me early in the morning (most mornings you come into my room between 5 and 6am and go back to sleep while laying on top of me). You love candy and cupcakes and playing with your friends. You give the best hugs on earth. I joke and tell you your hugs have healing powers, but I really think they do. You are almost always happy, but when you cry, it's heart breaking, gut wrenching. You definitely know how to cry. There are times when you are so tired, you just cry and can't tell me why you are crying. We get you to laugh and you are all better.

You love dance and gymnastics. You did well at soccer, but you don't want to play it this spring. Maybe in the fall you tell me.
You wake up everyday happy and never complain about going to school, although you look forward to "stay home days". You could watch the Ramona and Beezus movie over and over and over again. You told us last night you are in love with Justin Beiber, although you think his name is Beaver. You can write your whole name (and for those that know us, you know our last name is long). You have started to learn how to read and take great pride in that fact.

We tell you often that we love you, and you respond "I love you more".

You can't wait to start kindergarten in July, but I surely can. I think I will need a few drinks that day.

Happy Birthday Audrey! And I love you more....


SJINCO said...

She's so sweet Amy! And wow, five already.

Happy Birthday to your little girl, she'll always be just that no matter what.

Kellie said...

I can't believe she's FIVE! I've been reading your blog since she was tiny and it's amazing to "see" her grow up :)