Thursday, January 20, 2011

The shoe that will take me 26.2 miles in February....

For my past few longs runs, the arches of both feet have been aching as well as part of my right foot. I had about 400 miles on my shoes, but considering the last Brooks Adrenalines I had lasted about 600 miles, I thought that was odd. But after talking to the guy at the Raleigh Running Store, I didn't put 20 and 18 milers on those last pair of shoes like I did these. And these shoes should really only last 300-400 miles.

So here are my shoes for the marathon....they are my favorite color blue (and no, they are NOT Carolina Tarheel Blue as Ray suggested...).

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Carmen said...

Love your title! So ifs ands or buts about it! It's decided...Holly and I will be doing the 2012 Wrightsville Beach Marathon. Plenty of time to train. If you are up for another one we would love your company.