Friday, July 28, 2006


So everyone that knows me well knows I am somewhat psycho about Disney. I plan every vacation to death and would even schedule bathroom breaks, but I think that Ray would divorce me at that point. So tonight, Ashley and I are going to Mickey's Magic show. I bought the tickets a couple of months ago. I knew they were going on sale on a Friday. That Thursday, I did extensive research on the internet and found a presale code and bought the unbelievably expensive tickets (this of course before we didn't sell the house in Virginia and spending money wasn't that huge of a deal). I think we have pretty good seats, if not front row. I don't really know since I have never been to this venue before. I just hope Ashley enjoys it. One of the reasons I am psycho about Disney - I love the look on Ashley's face when I take her to Disney World or just to a Disney show. She is utterly amazed at it all, that Mickey Mouse is actually in front of her. So I plan and plan and want everything to be perfect, hence the psycho-ness. Hopefully my family forgives me.


Anonymous Fat Blogger said...

I'm the same way! I am to the point of near obsession with Disney...LOL

We're going there for a week for Bug's bday. It'll be her 1st time and I've got the days all planned out!

Michele_3 said...

Were huge Disney fans in my family!
We take all our vacations there..

Were going back in October for 5 days-I love see the boys faces too,They have such a blast there. It's a magical place huh? LOL!
Take care!