Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Very Rough Day

So this was what was written on Ashley's sheet from school today:

"Ashley had a very rough day. She didn't use her listening ears and told us no many times today. She had to sit out to 'relax' a few times today as well because she wasn't treating her firend or teachers with respect. She did have fun in centers pretending to go shopping and eating breakfast. And she was much better after nap."

I would be much better after a nap as well. So everyone who has a three year old has told me it's not the terrible twos I should have been afraid of, but the threes. Threes are so much more capable of bigger tantrums, stronger wills and larger messes. She just turned three on Friday. How can it be starting already?

And Audrey is drooling so badly, I think she could keep our grass watered for the next week. I sure hope some teeth break through soon. But other than the drooling, she isn't complaining. As always, she is a very happy baby.


Michele_3 said...

your girls are beautiful!
beautiful family..

so, my youngest will 3 in a few weeks, we have been thru the terrible 2 & back- Now I have to look forward to the 3's too! LOL!

take care!

Anonymous Fat Blogger said...

Adorable little girls!

3's are definately worse but it doesn't last long!