Monday, July 24, 2006

Water Slide

Ray's parents bought Ashley one of those inflatable water slides for her birthday. All the kids at the party had a blast on it. When we got home yesterday, it was pouring down rain but that didn't stop Ashley from bugging us to take out her water slide so she could play on it. This is Ashley on the water slide on Saturday. We were afraid we were going to run Ray's parents' well dry from all the water we were using.
This is my Step Sister Sharon's daughter, Morgan. Sharon eventually ended up pushing Morgan down the slide, but she still liked it.

Ashley loved all of her gifts, and of course loved her Dora Dollhouse (she had literally been asking for the Dora Dollhouse for months) and wanted that opened as soon as we got home. And she is still sleeping with the stuffed Angelina the Ballerina doll that Dad and Diane got her.

Not to step on my daughter's birthday, but my brother bought me a brand new bassoon! He showed up with it at the party. I played bassoon in highschool and have been trying to find one used since they are so expensive. I don't even want to know how much he paid for it. I emailed my band director this morning, and he was as estatic as I was. Then he wanted to know if he and I could trade brothers.

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Michele_3 said...

Wow,that looks like fun!
I bet they had a ball!
Thanks for dropping by my blog, I'll have to start coming here more now that I know about yours!
Take care!