Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dentists, TVs and a new room at school

Yesterday morning was Ashley's visit with the dentist. I took her to see a dentist who actually lives on our street. He and his wife have a little boy who is one day younger than Audrey. Anyways, we get called back to the room (although it was more like a cube since the room was kind of open) and the dental assistant puts Ashley in the chair. Then she asks her if she likes to watch Disney. Are you kidding me? This kid lives for Disney. They had tvs attached to the chairs with cable, so on went Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

The dentist took x-rays and looked at her tooth. It isn't loose and the x-rays didn't show any damage other than the nerve being dead. So she will have one gray tooth until it falls out. And the totally awesome part? Even with x-rays, it only cost $56. It was better that I didn't pay the $10 a pay period for her dental coverage!

The other thing that happened yesterday is Audrey started the young toddler room at daycare. I was really worried about her. She didn't get much transition time because of being out for various illnesses. And she's not walking and not off the bottle yet either which aren't a big deal, but I guess I still consider her a baby. She's so little, she only weighs 18 pounds (16% for her age).

I checked on her when I dropped Ashley off and she was doing fine. And when I picked her up yesterday, she was having a bottle, and they said that was the only bottle she had all day. She drank her whole sippy cup for lunch which Ray and I can't get her to do at home. And she's not the only non-walker in the class, which made me feel better.

She's growing too fast, before I know it, she will be walking and talking and then I will have TWO GIRLS in my house talking my head off.


Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

That's great to hear about the tooth! Don't worry about Audrey, she just turned one and there is no need to change everything all at once. That would be overwhelming for her anyway. I had the same problem with Alyssa, just read my post from today. And she's in the 5% bracket, so, I understand little!

Michele_3 said...

We have those little TVS @ our kids dentist as well- except their on the ceiling- so when the DR. is checking their teeth they can look up @ watch tv..They also have a playstation waiting room which has made life @ the dentist for us so much easier w 3 boys!
I understand your concern about Audrey- They do grow up so fast,I'm putting my little man in pre-school next year and although I know it will be good for him- It kind of kills me to even go there knowing he will grow up so much faster while being there and picking up different things from kids and such..

Lost A Sock said...

That's awesome on the dentist update!

I have KJ's first appointment scheduled for next week. I hope the office is that nice!

Kelly said...

TV at the DENTIST?? IN the chair no less? why don't they offer those to us big kids?? I'm jealous!! I'm glad all went well..the dentist, and the daycare! Sounds like she will like it!!

SJINCO said...

Two girls talking your head off....lucky you! But at least you have girls....

And the dentist, man that's awesome! I'm glad Ashley's tooth is okay. I have a fear that my kids are going to do something and damage their teeth, it's the first thing I check when one of them takes a tumble!

And Audrey, she's getting so big! I bet she'll love the new room at daycare.