Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Empires are not for Werewolves

I was putting Ashley to bed tonight and laying with her for a few minutes. She proceeded to tell me she was going to wake up soon.

"No sweetie, you will wake up when the sun is up."

"I will wake up when the moon is up, Mommy."

"Only werewolves get up with the moon!"
(Why the HELL did I tell a three year old about werewolves coming out at night when she is going to bed? Where is my brain?)

Silence from Ashley.

"Oh, Ashley, remember Uniqua was a werewolf on that episode of the Backyardigans..."
(I am pretty good at covering my ass on most occasions.)

"Yes, and there was the Mummy King."

"Yes, and Pablo was a vampire."

"No, Mommy, Pablo was a empire."

"No, he was a Vampire sweetie."

"No back talking Mommy, that's not nice. He was an empire."

"You're right sweetie, good night."


Sexy Simone said...

Good cover mom :-)

My son loves the Backyardigans too!

Happy Working Mom said...

I've done that with my daughter too...just give in, "you're right sweety". It's not worth the argument!

That Chick Over There said...

An empire! LOL! You hate to correct them when it's that cute!

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Ha ha ha, lmao! "No back talking, Mommy. That's not nice." That is just too cute.

At least you know she listening!

Michele_3 said...

Good save on the werewolf thing mom!

Kids really do say the cutest things!

SJINCO said...

Ahh, the Backyardigans. Keven Jr. loves them...and I sorta do too! They are so cute! And I love their names...

Kids are cute and they do say the darndest things.....precious isn't it?

Anonymous Fat Blogger said...

How cute! I usually let Bug win arguments like that too. If not, you could spend hours trying to convince them something different.

Jennifer said...

That's a classic! Good Job!

Kelly said...

Too funny....you should keep a notebook of all the funny things that are said...then one day when she is older you can whip it out and both have a good laugh!