Thursday, January 18, 2007

January 18th, 2007

You were so different from your sister, right from the start. I had an extremely easy delivery with you to include comic relief from my OBGYN who kept having to leave the room to deliver other babies who were in worse shape than you. Your apgar scores were high, you cried like you should and you weighed in at eight pounds, two ounces. And you slept. Thank God you slept. The second night in the hospital you slept 6 hours straight. I didn't know what to do with myself. But I was scared and nervous and happy that you were in our lives. Another baby? I didn't know I could do it. But you made it unbelievably easy.

You love to be tossed into the air; you love yogurt and feeding yourself; you love cuddling in the morning; and you really love your sister. She does her "silly dance" for you almost daily and it cracks you up. She made it up just for you. You watch her and study her and want to be just like her. You two already make such great sisters.

You can say "bye" and "go" and "momma" and "dadda". You shake your head no when you don't want something. You reach for the ones who love you the most - all the Grandparents, your teachers at school, me, Ray. Your laugh is contagious. Most of the videos we have of you are of you laughing.

You love to be turned upside down. You will sometimes fling yourself backwards when we are holding you.

You love to sleep on your stomach, clutching a blanket. When I rock you to sleep at night, I always rock you just a few minutes longer, stare at you, brush the hair out of your face. I give you a quick kiss. I will miss you as a baby, but I will cherish watching you grow up just as I do your sister. I can't imagine life without you.

Happy First Birthday Audrey. I love you.


Jaki said...

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY AUDREY! Wow, time flies!

Amy- Drive carefully to VA in that crazy weather out there! Waiting to hear how the ENT appointment went yesterday!

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Damn you made me cry!


Michele_3 said...

Very Sweet Post!
Happy First Birthday Audrey!

Happy Working Mom said...

Definitely crying...that was really sweet. Happy birthday Audrey!

SJINCO said...

Happy 1st Birthday Audrey!

And yup, you made me cry at work! Very sweet post and well written. Isn't it amazing how much they want to be like their older sibling? I witness this everyday with Isaac and Keven Jr.

Have a fun and safe trip to VA! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

pssst....update your profile :)

Lost A Sock said...

Happy First Birthday Audrey girl!! What a sweetie you are, and you're blessed with such a wonderful family.

Scribbit said...

Hope it's a great and memorable day. Her picture on the profile is so cute.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I thought I was the ONLY freak that wrote a letter to their kid on their first b-day.

SO glad I'm not ...

That was so sweet.....mine was more about how I wasn't sure when I had her she'd make it be 1...but we all have our own "stories" don't we?

Happy Birthday little Audrey!

Erin said...

Awwwwww! How wonderful!

Happy Birthday Audrey!!!