Monday, February 08, 2010


There is a little bit of drama surrounding the neighborhood adjacent to ours, and one that has a park we often walk to.

You can read the story here.

So basically there is a group home in this adjacent neighborhood that had a stabbing this weekend. Residents of our neighborhood and that neighborhood are pretty pissed about the group home as multiple complaints have been filed with the police. And even just yesterday, one of my neighbors drove down this street to check the house out, and there was a guy standing on a street peeing. I am assuming this was one of the residents of this group home as both our neighborhood and the adjacent neighborhood are unbelievably family friendly.

I would say in the past six months or so, we have let Ashley go ahead of us on her scooter or bike to the park in this neighborhood. We are always right behind her, but she is often out of sight. Other neighbors let their kids walk around the pond that is between our two neighborhoods.

Now that one of these residents stabbed another resident in this group home with a screwdriver, I think I will be a little more cautious until the group home is closed.

I also had a chat with Ashley this weekend about "stranger danger" and what to do in certain situations. I gave her a bunch of whatifs, and she understood, but she also said she didn't want to talk about it anymore as it scared her.

As if having a group home with stabbings wasn't enough for this weekend, something else happened that brings me to tears every time I think about it.

One of our neighbors, a Mom of two girls the same ages as Ashley and Audrey, died Saturday after a long battle with cancer. I did not know her well, just well enough to say hi when I saw her. But that doesn't matter. She fought an unbelievable fight, and from what I have read and heard her close friends say of her, she was amazing.


Anonymous said...

So sad about the passing of your neighbor. Death is always sad, but even more so when the person is young and leaves behind small children.

About the stabbing? Yeah, I'd be pissed!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog not too long ago and thought it was cool to see another runner that lives in the same town as I do. Now I realize we live in neighborhoods that connect (I don't live in Windcrest though)! I walk to that very same park with my son and I run around the path that circles that pond. I had NO idea there was a group home near there! Scary. Thanks for posting this so I can warn my husband to watch out when he walks to the park with my son.

Very sorry to hear about your neighbor.

Pamela said...

always sad to hear about young families losing a parent like that.

As for the group home? there is one around the corner -- less than a block from my house.

I've not heard of any problems -- knock on wood.